Celebrating 4 Years!

Time to Celebrate!

4 years ago today we flew to Spain, for what we thought was going to be a 1-2 year experience. Here we are after 4 years and 25+ countries, living our dream.

Living the dream 4 yrs of Wagoners Abroad

We have the life of travel, experiences and “normal daily life”.

We made it happen all on our own. Through living simply, as well as pure desire and determination, we manage to keep it going. We can’t imaging living any other way and would settle for no less.

You are the maker of your dreams, so only you can make them come true.

Happy 4th year to us (Alan, Heidi, Lars, & Anya) We are looking forward to seeing what year 5 has in store for us!

If we have inspired you in the slightest way to get out and see the world, to travel more or to move to Spain, we’d love to hear from you.
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4 thoughts on “Celebrating 4 Years!”

  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary! I have been following you on your adventures for quite a while. My husband and I are moving to the UK in a year after he retires from 35 years of teaching. Yay! I find myself revisiting and learning from your posts about relocating! So, thank you for your great information! And I’m sure we will be making trips to Spain to get a good dose of sunshine!
    Again, congratulations on 4 years!

    1. Thanks so much Becca! Where are you moving in the UK? Alan and I lived in Chiswick London for almost 3 years, a long time ago. We would love to go back to live there too! Please do look us up if you make it to Spain and let us know if we can help in any way with your relocation. We wish you all the best. Thanks for following our adventures.

      1. We will be moving to Edinburgh, Scotland. We have 2 daughters and a son-in-law there, a daughter in Switzerland and a daughter that will be going to grad school in Sweden or Switzerland. (And a son still here in the US) Our biggest issue now is getting rid of all our stuff! Craigslist is difficult here because we live in the sticks and no one can find us. Ebay works for some of it but mostly I think an estate sale will be our best bet. We’ve got a year so I’m hoping it all works out!

        1. Oh that is great! Too bad you won’t be there sooner, we are toying with the idea of Christmas in Edinburgh this year. So happy for you. Yes, clearing out the stuff takes several waves and letting go of the emotional attachments too. It is a difficult process to get through, but it feels great on the other side! Sounds like you will have quite the international family Becca! An estate sale sounds like a good idea.

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