Meet the Flintstones! A Few Nights In A Cave House

Cave HouseAs you can see in the picture, the Flintstones haven’t changed much from what you remember from childhood.  They still look as young and lovely as ever. I know I know, Bam Bam belongs to the Rubbles, but not this time. This time Bam Bam and Pebbles are siblings and both belong to Fred and Wilma.   Cave House here we come….!

We are on a road trip about 2 1/2 hours north of home, near the Sierra Nevada’s in Spain. In Cortes de Baza, just north of the town Baza (pronounced Batha).  So what the heck does any of that have to do with the Flintstones?  Guess what?  I am going to tell you!

Cave House

For the next three days the Wagoner Family will be the Flintstones living in a cave (Cueva)! Yep, you heard me right man!  We are living in a 2 bedroom cave about 20 feet below the surface.  In this area of the Granada province, we have read that about 70-80% of the homes are cave dwellings.  You can only see the front facade and the rest of the place is down under.

I know what you are thinking. “Claustrophobia!”  Actually the place is very spacious.  We have a large entry way, sitting area, full eat in kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  The ceilings are fairly good height, in most of the cave, but Alan does need to duck the get through a few doorways. The front rooms all have a window, so there is plenty of light during the day. Se are in very rural Spain, so at night it gets dark.  And the bedrooms are about 30-40 feet away from the windows with rooms between, so they are Very Dark and Very Quiet!  It is strange to hear no sounds at all.

I have been planning for a couple of weeks and wanted to surprise the family with a fun adventure.  I figured the kids are a little more settled with school now and it is a national holiday on the 12th, so why not plan a get away? When we arrived the kids and Alan were very excited.  They immediately explored every inch of the place.  We have never seen anything like this. I have to say this is soooo cool! About an hour after arriving, we scoped out our little town and even stopped in a small bar for a drink and tapas.

It is difficult to describe and the pictures don’t do it justice. I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway and we will post more about our adventures later.

Link to our rental (just in case you wanna go too)

4 thoughts on “Meet the Flintstones! A Few Nights In A Cave House

  1. this is so, so cool! heidi….of all the websites you forwarded to me about possible vacations, this is the one i picked also! oh, how i wish i were there right now!

  2. That is really cool! I have been in the Granada province, but didn’t get to see any of these dwellings. Guess I’ll have to visit Spain again (for a 4th time).

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