Costumes aren’t just for Halloween

After Christmas and Three Kings Day here in Spain, we noticed the holiday decorations were quickly pulled from the shelves in the local stores.  This isn’t too different from the U.S., out with one holiday and in with the next.  In the U.S. the next holiday would likely be Valentines Day.  Here in Spain what comes next is a bit different for us and we needed to come up with some good costume ideas! 

Carnival Almuñécar

The shelves are once again filled with Costumes, Costumes and more Costumes.  There are masks, hats, colored hair pieces, make-up and the list goes on.  What in the world is going on?

It only took a few days for it to finally dawn on me….it is Carnaval (aka Carnival)!  No kidding, here I have a weekend trip planned for Cadiz, Spain just for that occasion. (We will get into this event more in upcoming posts).  I even purchased masks for us to wear, but I didn’t realize it was a “full costume” kind of holiday.  We received a note home from school advising us that the kids needed to dress up “in costume” on Friday the 8th of February.  Each class was given a theme for their costume, to celebrate Carnaval here in Almuñécar. Ah, now it is all making sense.  This is the big deal and other parents are telling us the kids “have” to dress up!

The stress is on!  I have always hated coming up with costume ideas for Halloween and now I have to do it again, ug!  By the way, I am way too frugal to go buy a costume from the store, so that adds to the mix.  I love being creative and making something out of nothing, but the pressure is on when it is for the kids. I had to get brainstorming and see what we could throw together.  Kudos to the “Cary-Y”, for all of those years of “Wacky Wednesdays” and getting us in the creative costume ideas flow!

Carnaval in Almuñécar

Anya’s class was required to come dressed as a “bird“.  They needed to announce to the class what type of bird they were and where they lived.  YIKES!  It just so happened, I bought a mask for Anya to take to Cadiz and it is colorful with feathers!  Phew, glad we were on the right track.  We then needed to purchase a feather boa and a hair clip, that will poof the hair, to complete her bird look.  So, here you see our beautiful and colorful Macaw.  Okay, work with me on this.  Let her know she looks exactly like a Macaw! (Guacamayo)
Our beautiful Macaw for Carnival in Almuñécar , Spain Costume ideas

Lars has to be dressed as a Marine Animal.  Come on people! Really a marine animal?  Even if I wasn’t too frugal to buy a costume, I bet they wouldn’t even have a marine animal in the stores.  I suggested to him we get some cardboard and make a big shark fin.  He wanted nothing to do with that.  He decides he wants to be a Jellyfish (Medusa). How the heck are we going to pull that one-off?  He said we can use his helmet and just put streamers.  Well, after a day or two pass we agree that isn’t going to work well.  We then  decide  on an octopus.  It is amazing what 2 pair of black tights and 6 balloons will do for your look. Here is Lars our stealthy master of disguise, The Octopus!  (Pulpo)
Costume ideas for Our octopus for Carnival in Almuñécar , Spain

There was a party at the school and then a very LONG parade around town.  I will have some video up in the next few days or so.  So much activity with Carnaval, so may take a bit.  For now, here are some photos.      Feel free to comment and let the kids know what you think.  They LOVE hearing feedback!

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5 thoughts on “Costumes aren’t just for Halloween

  1. Oh I envy you so much! We lived in Galicia and LOVED Carnaval. I am really enjoying your blog, it’s bringing back some wonderful memories of life in Spain

    • Hey Sharon, Welcome! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Wow, you lived in Galicia. I bet that is nice. We hope possibly head up that way for Spring Break. If not then, for sure over the summer. I bet it is beautiful. If you have any place we should check out or any pointers, just let us know.

      • So Sharon, I just checked out your blog and looks like you guys are currently in Thailand. Me thinks we need to talk. LOL… We’d love to go there next. I will read more and see what you have posted.

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