Benefits of A Car Rental in Las Vegas

Vegas Baby!  When planning a trip, it’s important to think through every detail, including your car rental in Las Vegas.  So many people spend loads of time searching for accommodation and sightseeing activities, but may not give their transportation needs around the city much thought.

There are many benefits of a car rental in Las Vegas, instead of relying on taxis, public transport and walking everywhere. We share some insight for you! Read more on

It is easy to make the assumption it is easy to get around and by looking at the map, things appear to be close.  However, Las Vegas is no small town!  When something is next door, it may be a 5 – 10-minute walk, so considering the most convenient means of transportation is just as important.

So let’s review the four main ways to move around Las Vegas:

  1. Taxi
  2. Public transport
  3. Walking
  4. Renting a Car

Taxis can be very expensive, and public transportation may difficult to understand or you have long waits in the hot Vegas sun.  As we mentioned earlier, walking can be a long hike between destinations, not to mention it’s crowded there.  As usual, we prefer to recommend a car rental, Las Vegas has a lot to offer!

Las Vegas Nevada

You Move Around Freely in a Rented Car

A rented car gives you full freedom of movement.  Get yourself a good GPS service and explore the whole city.  You will not only be able to visit your favorite sights, but you will also have better access to some of the lesser-known Las Vegas sights too.  This saves a lot of time and effort since you don’t have to follow bus schedules or worry if your taxi arrives on time.

You Save Money by Renting a Car

When we’re talking about money, public transportation would likely be the winner, but consider these perks if you rent a car:

  • You can book a hotel farther from the city center.
  • You still save time by not having to look for bus stops and learning schedules.
  • You can use the car as much as you want, as the fee on the rented vehicle is usually stable.
  • You have the freedom to explore beyond the main strip.

All this will save you money and time, compensating the cost you’ll have to pay for a rented car in Las Vegas.

7 Magic Mountains las Vegas Nevada

You Get Extra Comfort as If You Owned a Car in Las Vegas

A car rental adds a lot to the comfort of your trip. Here are some examples:

  • A lot of companies have free shuttles from the airport to their offices, where you can choose a vehicle.  So, no worries about how to get to your hotel.
  • With the added convenience, you’ll feel better throughout your trip.  No back pains and headaches that may occur if you use public transportation.
  • If you are traveling with friends or family, you can rent a minivan, which will make it much more comfortable to go sightseeing together.  No need to take several taxis or feel crowded on a bus.

Las Vegas Strip

You Try New Cars

Having a car rental is an amazing chance for a driver to try new vehicles.  There are companies that let you change the cars you rent throughout your trip, which increases your chances.  You can try new models, take advantage of new features.  Maybe this will even help you choose your future car if you’re considering changing yours.

Cost-Efficiency and Comfort Are Worth It

As you can see, a car rental in Las Vegas is the most convenient way to get around.  It saves you a lot of stress and time, plus you can find a car rental service that meets your budget.  Traffic might restrict you a bit, but the taxis and public transportation will have traffic too.  At least with a rented vehicle, you can modify your route to suit your needs.

Things to do in Las Vegas

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Tours in Las Vegas

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