Capture the Colour: Through Travel

A little while ago our friends at The Barefoot Nomad nominated us to take part in the Capture the Colour Photo Contest put on by Travel Supermarket. Thanks Micki and Charles!  The concept is simple: write a post showcasing travel photographs that best capture the colour of five categories: Yellow, Red, Green, White, and Blue.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the past year through Spain, Portugal, and France.


Let me just tell you, there is nothing better than Christmas in Paris, France.   The streets are lit up and the Eiffel Tower is absolutely gorgeous.  We were there taking photos at night and watching all of the golden lights twinkle.  Alan was up and back for more photos at sunrise too.

Yellow - Eiffel Tower Paris France - capture the colour


Spain is known for many festivals and one in particular captured our eyes with colour.  The Feria de Abril in Seville, Spain is a sight to see and experience.  Everyone is dressed in their best festival attire and of course that means Flamenco dresses and high heels for the ladies.  There is so much food, drink and tradition during this week and it is a must see.

Red - Feria de Abril Seville Spain



This was a no brainer for us.  As soon as we saw green was in the competition, this photo came to mind.   Yes, we have a million awesome photos of nature in green, but this was something special for us.   In the small village of La Herradura Spain, the locals go all our for Canival (Carnaval).  The entire town gathers in costume and parades through town.  This group of people came as the plastic army soldiers and yes they are “real” people.

Green - Carnaval La Herradura Spain


When living in Southern Spain, there is no shortage of white villages in your photos.  Frigiliana is one of our favorite villages in Andalucia and we like to visit often.  Strolling through these villages allows you to just slow down, soak up the atmosphere and live in the moment. An added bonus is plenty of exercise as well, with all of the hills and stairs.

White - Frigiliana Spain



The tiles throughout Porto, Portugal captured our eye time and time again and this building with blue and white tiles is no exception.  In fact, this is one city we fell madly in love with, even though it wouldn’t stop raining!  There is so much charm and character everywhere you look and walking through this city is like walking through a treasure box.  So many gorgeous buildings and people to see.

Blue - Porto Portugal

I have to admit, this was a blast going through our photos and down memory lane.  I hope you liked it too!

Now, it’s our turn to nominate five blogs for the Capture the Colour Contest.
  • World Travel Family – Alyson and her family are traveling the world on a shoestring and sharing their adventures. They are fun and full of life.
  • Capturing la Vita – Laurel is living the life in Italy and offers great advice for family travel and takes gorgeous photos.
  • Act of Traveling – Emiel and his family are exploring the world and are doing it with class.
  • Our Big Fat Travel Adventure – Amy and Andrew are traveling the world and telling it like it really is.  They share their budget and all of the ups and downs of travel.
  • The Nomadic Family – Gabi has been traveling with her family for 3 years.  This amazing family of 5 is currently in Nepal, hiking the Annapurna Circuit.  I am going to nominate them for this contest, but I am not sure they have access to the internet.
  • Travel with Bender would have been another nomination from me but The Barefoot Nomad family beat me to it!
Watch their blogs for their entries. All five of our nominations are awesome, so I can’t wait to see what they post!
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28 thoughts on “Capture the Colour: Through Travel

  1. These are amazing photos! I’ve been to Paris a lot and honeymooned in Andalucia, so particularly like the ones of these places. The colour and definition of your shot of the Eiffel Tower is awesome.

  2. Fantastic pics Heidi, and thanks for nominating us. I’ll get onto it. Blue is easy, I’ll just walk 10 steps from my door and capture Haad Salad bay!

  3. I love the perspective of the white angle- like the idea of the “path not taken.” And the Eiffel tower picture is stunning.

  4. I love how each picture brings such emotions. I can close my eyes and picture myself back in Frigiliana, enjoying the sun and slight breeze. Ahhhh

  5. gorgeous colors and choices, I actually love the white and blue choices best

    Come and link up with us today for Travel Photo Mondays, the link runs all week so I hope you can join us for the next installment?

  6. I think your ‘white’ picture is a really great angle. The scene looks so calm and pretty. We found white the most difficult category! Really love your choice 🙂

  7. Great pics guys! We have a few similar pics as well. Strange how thoughts of red, white and blue can change so much depending on what country you’re living in. 😉

    Love the green army men. The kids and I would have loved seeing them waddle down the street.

    Good Luck in the contest!

    • Hey Charles, thanks! I was so thrilled when you included us. I love seeing what people have found for the colors. This is fun. The army men/women were fantastic.

    • Oh thank Kerri. You know when I was drafting this up on Saturday I originally had you guys as on of my nominations, but you were having trouble with your site and I wasn’t sure when it was going to be back up. So you are an official bonus nomination too. Travel-Junkies 🙂

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