Bus Your Way Around Europe

Our family is always scouring YouTube for cool, fun and clever videos.  We are always looking for inspiration to beef up the Wagoners Abroad channel, well I am.  Alan is usually looking for something that will entertain the entire family.  Anya has found a few funny channels for us all. Then there is Lars, he is looking at competitions to enter and become famous.  Well let’s just say “we” came across the winners of a competition for ID Bus.

The video is very good, but of course I didn’t stop there.  I had to investigate ID Bus a bit further.  I have to say I think this was a really cool find and I hope all of our readers traveling in Europe will find it useful.  You see, since we have been exploring Southeast Asia, we have been using public transportation.  The bus below isn’t an ID bus, but you get the idea.

Koh Chang Journey - Anya doing homework on bus from Bangkok to Koh Chang

To be honest, we have been enjoying our time taking the bus.  I am not a stressed-out “backseat driver”, and Alan isn’t tired of me gasping.  After all of the road trips we have taken, we know how stressful it is to drive.  Even though I am an awesome navigator, we have found the bus to be very relaxing.

The kids enjoy having a little more room than we do in a car and they are higher up and have a better view out the window.  If we are tired of sitting, no problem we just get up and stretch.  Potty breaks, no problem as there is a toilet on the bus.  I love that one.  Do you remember those family road trips, trying to synchronize everyone’s tinkle schedule?

That got my wheels spinning.  Remember our plan is to return to Spain Summer 2015.

When we do, maybe we can just get around Europe without the cost of having to rent or buy a car.  I really wish I would have found this site when we were exploring the Netherlands, Belgium and France last July.  We spent a small fortune on renting a car from Amsterdam for 2 weeks.  I checked out the fares and had we taken the bus, we would have saved loads. Really loads!  I am talking more than half of the rental, maybe even 65% savings.

ID Bus looks like a great option to get around Europe and perfect for our family.  We could even get some work done while on the road.  Yep, it looks like they offer free WiFi and power outlets too! (220V, so great for Spain)  This thing looks like a moving coffee shop, with cushy seats.  Hey it even seems there is far more leg room than there is on a plane.  That is a big deal for Alan, coming in at 6 foot 4 inches.


  • Reclining seat backs;
  • Laterally expandable seats;
  • Adjustable foot rest;
  • Individual air conditioning and lighting;
  • Inclinable reading table with integrated glass holder.

I am looking forward to returning to Europe and testing it out.  Hey for those of you already there, please do let us know if you try it out.  We would love to know your feedback.

Oops!  I started rambling again.  Apologies, I tend to do that.

Come on and tell us what you think!

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