Breakfast in Spain – Is It For You?

Alan and I were out and about the other morning, after dropping the kids at school, and stopped by a little cafe for some breakfast. Back in North Carolina we would make an I-Hop or Perkins for our Breakfast. We would likely have eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast or perhaps pancakes or a waffle? Anyway, it would have been a hearty meal to say the least. Here in Spain it is quite different. There are some places that cater to the British and have a full egg breakfast, but the typical place is a small cafe.

Breakfast in Spain

One would order toast or a croissant and perhaps a coffee or juice.  The toast would often be topped with olive oil and tomatoes or a bit of jam.

So, we that’s what we did. Coffee for me and juice for Alan. As we are waiting our 2 seconds for the toast, I actually take a look at the menu. I noticed they offer beer and wine for breakfast as well. To top it off it is either the same price or cheaper than water or juice!

At that moment, about 10 am, I glance around at the others in the cafe and most people have wine! LOL So what kind of dummies are we to pay more for juice and coffee? I think we will likely stick with our original choices, but just in case we want to take a walk on the wild side we can. Oh, the choices we have here!

Updated July 2015- Now after years of living in Spain, this doesn’t shock us anymore.  We still don’t order the beer or wine for breakfast, but we do like the other options. u I have to say we do indulge in the wine choices from the grocery store.  You can get a really good bottle of wine, sparkling wine, or cider for 2-4 Euros.  Check out our post on the cost of things in Spain.

What is your breakfast of choice?  Would it be different if you were having breakfast in Spain?

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