The Best Shawarma In Almuñécar Spain

As the Non-Foodie in the house, it’s always a pretty big deal when we find a place to eat.  It’s a real bonus when the place is inexpensive (Heidi really likes that!).  It figures that once we know we’re moving, we find an awesome restaurant.  Before I delve into all of the details, I need to acknowledge two people who were instrumental in us finding this place.

About 17 years ago, my über-cool boss, Paul got me to expand my culinary horizons.  I’m not sure how he convinced me to do this when so many other people had failed, but he was very persuasive.  The first new thing he introduced me to was called shawarma.  It was different, but it was fantastic, and that got me hooked.  Muchas gracias Paul!

Cafe Bar Doma Shawarma Kebab Almunecar Spain

Heidi and I have tasted some version of shawarma (döner, kebab, gyro) in many of the countries we have visited, and it’s pretty much something that the entire family will eat and enjoy.  The other day, I was talking to our neighbor Omar about wanting a good kebab.  Omar is very knowledgeable about the local restaurants, and he suggested a place that we’ve walked by dozens of times.  It’s a tiny place, but the shawarma was amazing.  Terima kasih Omar!

I knew it was going to be good.  Do you know how?  Because there was a wall of heavenly shawarma smell that hit us before we even walked through the door.  We placed our order, and waited.  And smelled, and waited.  It seemed to take a long time, but that was probably my impatient stomach waiting to be fed.  It finally arrived and was well worth the wait.  The wrap was home made and grilled to perfection, but the seasoning on the chicken was to die for!  It was amazing!  It brought back memories of the shawarma Heidi and I had eaten in Brussels, about 16 years ago.

Cafe Bar Doma Shawarma Kebab Almunecar Spain (2)


About halfway through, I’m starting to feel a bit guilty.  You see, Lars and Anya were not with us.  It was just Heidi, me, and a couple of tasty shawarmas.  Bliss.  When we were done eating, I went into pay, and I was giving the guy the thumbs up.  His English wasn’t so good, so he didn’t understand me when I told him it was “Awesome!”.  I pulled out my translator app, and said, “Impresionante!”.  He gave me a big smile.

Another testament to how good the food was is we came back the very next day with the kids, and had another fantastic meal.  During the remainder of our short stay in Almuñécar, I have a feeling we’ll be eating there a lot.



Logistics:  Cafe Bar Doma Shawarma Kebab

We can’t find a website or phone number, but if we do we will update it here.
Hours 7:30 pm – 1:00 am
Located on the corner of Calle de La Lonja and Avenida Andalucia 

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