Seek Out This Ice Cream Shop In Almunecar Spain

I am seaside, it’s rather warm outside, bordering on hot, and yet I am being refreshed.  It is at this moment that I recognize that a great injustice has been done.  There is no Nobel Prize for cooking, and by extension, the person who invented ice cream missed out on the accolades and recognition deserving of such a huge discovery.  Therefore, it is with great reverence that I advise you to seek out this ice cream shop, as we think it’s the best in Almuñécar!

Lars in front of D'Jorge Ice Cream Shop

It’s fortunate that we live in a small town.  It’s also fortunate that our favorite ice cream place is a short walk.  It would be frustrating to have an awesome Heladería (ice cream shop) that’s on the other side of town.  The place is called D’Jorge, and it’s on the corner of Calle Guadix and Paseo San Cristóbal.

What makes this place so great?  A number of factors:

  • They have a great selection of ice cream;
  • Their ice cream is awesome (duh!);
  • Their cones are excellent;
  • The staff and owner are very friendly;

It turns out that the owner of the shop, Jorge (no surprise there), also does the ordering and fitting of the fútbol uniforms for all of the school teams.  Ah, the benefits of living in a small town.Jorge, Lars, & Anya

As we’ve walked around Almuñécar, we’ve sampled many of the local shops, but there’s just something special about this place.  In fact, we pass 3 other ice cream shops on the way to D’Jorge!  It reminds me of an old ice cream parlor that I used to visit when I was a kid, except they have booze too!

I love the "Old Timey" feel of this place

Whenever we have visitors, this is one of the must visit places we take them.  I think you can see that the kids are happy with their scoops.

Anya pretty pleased with her selection of ice creamLars about to dig in

The other added benefit is when the kids are done with their ice cream, they can go to the beach across the street and burn off some of those ice cream calories.  We love sharing our favorites around town with you.  Just in case you missed it, we have shared our favorite shawarma, pizza and coffee too.Ready for some post-ice cream exercise

Ice Cream Shop Details

Heladeria D’Jorge
Paseo de las Flores, 8
18690 Almuñécar, Granada, Spain
+34 958 63 51 09
Hours: 12:00 – 02:00 during the summer

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