Coffee With A Purpose – Almunecar, Spain

There is no shortage of good coffee in Spain and our small town of Almuñécar is no exception.  We don’t sport a trendy and expensive Starbucks and there is good reason, it would be a waste of money!

Pit Stop in Italy

I would say there are likely hundreds of options in Almuñécar to purchase a good coffee.  I usually order a Café con leche and I usually pay about €1 – €1.30, depending on where I make the purchase.  I want to review with you some of my favorite locations to enjoy a cup of coffee.  I frequent them all, but with a different purpose.  I will review them from left to right on the map.

Coffee Shops Almunecar Spain

Heladeria Delfin

Purpose:  My “Escape”, Meet Ups

Coffee Shops Heladeria Delfin Paseo China Gorda

This is my regular coffee shop and where I go to write and escape from home and chores. This is located along the Paseo China Gorda, at the end of San Cristobal Beach and it just down the street from our apartment.  They offer free wifi and have indoor sitting with music that I like, so I don’t need my headphones.  They also have outdoor seating with sea views.
Coffee Shops Heladeria Delfin Paseo China Gorda

This is also where we often meet up with local friends and neighbors for a visit.  I like to order my coffee for just €1 and Alan usually orders a fresh OJ (zumo de naranja).  The service is great and they are open all year, providing there are people.  The first winter we were here, they closed in November and reopened in March.  This past winter, they remained open all year.  So please visit them in the winter and keep them open.  They also offer ice cream, pastries, toast and small snacks.

Isla de Capri

Purpose:  Meet Ups

Coffee Shops Isla de Capris

This is our go to when we meet up with fellow traveling families, blog readers or other people we are meeting for the first time.  It is an easy location to explain to people new in town and it is small enough to find someone new.  It is located along the road just across from San Cristobal Beach and is next to the large White Hotel Helios.  They also offer ice cream and snacks.  You have a choice of a couple of tables indoors and the remainder our outside under an awning.

Churreria Alhambra

Purpose:  Location, People watching

Coffee Shops Churreria Alhambra

I love hanging out at this cafe!  The Café con leche costs me a bit more at €1.30, but oh the views!  This is located right on the paseo along San Cristobal Beach.  I could sit here all day and people watch, enjoy the sea breeze and eavesdrop on all of the conversations of fellow customers.  This is where you will hear all sorts of languages from tourists and locals alike.

The service here has always been top-notch for us and they offer a variety of food items as well.  All of the seating is located outdoors, but on windy or cold days they have fabric walls they can roll down to make the seating area pleasant.  If it is really cold or pouring down rain (rare), they may close for the day.


Cafeteria Los Potros

Purpose:  Atmosphere, People watching, Visitors

Coffee in Old Town Center - Los Potros

If you want to be in the heart and soul of old town, this is the place to go.  Located in the center of the pedestrian only area of town, along the Plaza de la Constitution.  This is where the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento) is located, as well as several outdoor cafes.  You can really choose any of them to do your people watching, but what brings me back to Cafeteria Los Potros every time is their server Juan.  He treats everyone as if they were his best long-lost friend.  He will greet you with a smile and really take care of you.

Almuñécar  Flamenco in Central Plaza Old Town

During tourist season, you may spot someone doing Flamenco or an accordion player may come by.  This is where we take all of our visitors to feel the vibe of the town and soak up some sun.  It is likely you will experience the church bells ringing while enjoying your drinks (coffee, wine, beer or whatever you like).  They also offer a menu of items and treats.  I don’t think they offer wifi, but you won’t want to be using your electronics here.  There are too many other options for keeping your eyes occupied.


Purpose:  Value, Convenience

McDonald's Coffee and Muffin

I know, just shoot me now.  I am sure you are wondering why I would recommend McDonald’s for coffee.  Well early in 2014, they started to open for breakfast at 8:30 am.  Prior to that, they usually opened around noon.  McDonald’s is located just off of the main road through town along the N340.  It is next to the Feria grounds where the Friday Market is held, so it is convenient to swing by for a coffee when visiting the market.

I have to say this is likely the best value you can find in town, if you want to have a snack with your coffee.  For just €1.50 you can have  your choice of pastry and coffee.  I usually opt for the cappuccino and a chocolate muffin.  I have to say this muffin is so yummy!  For you Americans, it reminds me of a Costco chocolate muffin.  If you aren’t American and have no clue what Costco is, then just trust me.  It is good!

As I stated before, there are so many places to choose from and I am just highlighting my favorites.  Where is your favorite coffee from?

Come on and tell us what you think!

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