Free Activity! Huay Kaew Waterfalls – Chiang Mai Thailand

A couple of days ago my family and I went to visit the Huay Kaew Waterfalls.  We packed our bathing suits and plenty of drinking water and went for the long walk.  Mom said it would be about 45 minutes and it was.  When we arrived we noticed so many butterflies and they were so pretty to watch. Huay Kaew Waterfalls Chiang Mai Thailand (huai Kaeo waterfalls) Continue reading

Fish Pedicure In Chiang Mai Thailand

Guess what? Today I went to the fish spa and had a fish pedicure!


I have wanted to do this for just about 2 years or so. I first saw a fish spa in Barcelona, Spain.  It was very expensive, so we never did it.  Now that we are in Thailand, we kept seeing them everywhere.  Mom kept saying we would do it eventually.

Fish Pedicure Fish Spa Chiang Mai Thailand.

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New Holiday – Lars And I Created Sibling Day!

How did we come up with Sibling Day?

Lars and I were hanging out in his room and just chit-chatting over Christmas break.  We were thinking that there are special days for Parents and Grandparents, but we thought there should be a sibling day too.  So, we decided to make our own.  We thought we should each have our own day and they should be called Bro Day (Brother’s Day) and Sis Day (Sister’s Day). Continue reading

Flamenco Dancing – I Am Embracing the Culture!

Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco Dancing AndaluciaOne day when I first visited Spain, I saw this Flamenco dancer in the Town Hall square.  I watched her dance and knew I wanted to do Flamenco.  Then later when we moved to Spain, we searched and searched for a class with kids my age.  There were lots for little kids, like 3 – 5 years old.  A few months later I found the perfect class for me, it was for 5-8 year olds.  Flamenco dancing started in Andalucia Spain, that is where we live.

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Ouch! That Hurt!

Last night I lost my 5th tooth, it’s the 2nd one actually in Spain!

It was tiny, but pointy at the top and was wiggly. I was trying to get it out, but it didn’t want to go. I got it so loose that it was hanging down just on one side. I could move it out with just my tongue, but I couldn’t pull it all the way out. I got a tissue and started to twist and pull down. Continue reading

About my first day of school

Well, we were in the school and we there to turn in our papers to go to school and the secretary said Lars and I need to go to class now. My parents were so worried because we didn’t have books, supplies or snacks.  I didn’t want to go because we weren’t ready. They took us to class anyway.
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