Anya Gets Inspired


Yesterday Anya arrives home from school and overhears me speaking to the neighbors about our summer travel plans (in the works).  She walks up and joins the conversation and mentions that she wants to add some places to our summer journey.    

Here is how the conversation goes:

A:  “Mom, I have some ideas for our summer vacation too.”

Me: “Okay, let’s hear it.”

A:  “Well, in class today we were learning about all different religions.  You know the ones where people don’t eat pork and stuff?  Well, we were talking about all of the churches, cathedrals and buildings for each religion.  I think I want to go to Rome to see the cathedrals there.  Can we add Rome to our list?”

Me:  “I would love to Anya.  Let’s make the list of all of the places we want to go and come up with a plan.” 

Anya didn’t know that we already had Rome on our list, so bonus for us!  I love that the kids can learn things in school and then see what was taught.  Of course, this isn’t always reality, but it works.

Lars just learned about prehistoric times in his class recently.  This weekend we are planning a trip to Ronda, Spain.  With high hopes of visiting some prehistoric caves, so he can see what he just learned too.

Ah, the magic is working!

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2 thoughts on “Anya Gets Inspired

  1. You will enjoy Ronda, I spent a day there on one of my motorcycle trips in Spain, on the way to the Jerez MotoGP. It’s a really beautiful little town on a unique geological formation.

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