Another Epic Year For Wagoners Abroad 2016

Just as years past, 2016 has been full of fun, adventure, and work for the Wagoner Family.  We thought we would take a little trip down memory lane with you and share yet another epic year abroad.  Every single day we are so happy with our decision to become self-made expats.  We took control of our lives and stopped waiting for something to happen or someone to give us a break.  We created and designed our own family travel lifestyle over 4 years ago and we plan to keep it going!

Wagoners Abroad Annecy France

We said good-bye to 2015 and hello to 2016 in Ireland.  We spent a week in the south of Ireland and a week at a housesit in Dublin.  Once we returned back to Spain we enjoyed all of the Three Kings festivities and the kids returned to school.
Killarney Ireland

In February and March we stayed in Almuñécar and explored in our own backyard.  We worked on writing self-guided walking tours of Almuñécar, and building up our Almuñécar Info website and launching our Almuñécar Business directory.
Almunecar Spain Roman Bridge of Cotobro from the riverbed

This was the first year we remained in town for the entire week of Semana Santa.  Lars and I went to every single Easter procession, even at 1am!  It is a beautiful experience, but now that we have seen them all, we are okay with travel during future spring breaks.
Almuñécar Spain - Semana Santa Jueves Santo

With Spring came plenty of visitors and new expats moving into town.

We enjoyed the month of May with a visit from Grandma Linda and many of her friends.  Anya invited some friends over to her villa for a sleepover, swimming and cookie decorating.  The month went by in a flash and there was plenty of food and fun.  Grandma Linda and I went with friends Cheryl and Maria on a food tour in Malaga.  Alan and Anya went with the gang to Madrid for the weekend too.
Gma Linda Almunecar Paella Night

Summer Road Trip Time!

June was the last month of school and I had a very quick trip to visit my brand new little niece in the USA.  As soon as I returned back to Spain it was time to pack and head off on our 8 week summer road trip through Spain and France.  Finally after 4 years of being in Spain, we explored the north of Spain.  We kicked it all off in a luxury villa in Mallorca.
Windsufr better than bond with WaterSportsMallorcaJuly was started by making paella in Valencia, tasting new food in Madrid, walking the plazas of Salamanca and then it was off to Galicia!
El Banco más bonito del mundo Loida Galicia SpainNext it was time to go canoeing in Asturias, surfing in Santander, and fall in love with the Guggenheim in Balbao.  After that we spent a week in La Rioja enjoying all of the wine we could.  While we were wine tasting, Lars was volunteering for Diverbo.
WagonersAbroad surfing in Cantabria Spain. Trying to pop up on the surfboard is easier on land.

August was spent in France

We stopped off in Bordeaux for a little city exploration and then went to small town France for some rest and relaxation.  We also did a little day trip to Annecy France and just fell in love with it.
Fantasticable Chatel FranceWe had no idea what the following week had in store for us in Morzine France, which we thought was going to be a small sleepy village.  Instead, we had an amazing house with an incredible chocolate lab named Rolo!  It was a very active ski village in the summer.
Les Gets Downhill-mountain-bike-Alpine-Sports-Morzine

The kids went soaring above the French Alps, rode the luge and the boys went downhill mountain biking.  Of course we made our way back into Spain via Montpellier, and Murcia.

Time to rest!

Of course when we travel fast and often like we did over the summer, it is time to rest.  We just took it easy in the fall and enjoyed the wonderful weather and friends in Spain.
The final night of our European Road Trip. Sephora Face mask fun Murcia Spain

Alan and I wrote many posts about our 8 week road trip and we started on more projects.  We signed up for driving school, so we could obtain our Spanish driver’s license, but we haven’t done much with that yet.  I guess it is another thing to add to 2017.  We did however launch our ebook about Driving in Spain.  It really is a must have, if you plan to visit or move to Spain.

Bringing 2016 to an end

We finished off the year with a week in Edinburgh with Grandma Linda.  It was a great time and jam-packed full of Christmas activities!  We will be bringing in the new year (Hogmanay) in Aberdeen, Scotland and then home to Spain.
Edinburgh Christmas with grandma Linda

Plans for 2017

Well, I am almost certain I will be the shortest Wagoner by the time 2017 comes to an end, if not sooner.  The kids have been growing like weeds and seem to be loving our lifestyle.  We plan to launch another ebook about Education in Spain and continue to work on our Wagoners Abroad and Almuñécar Info brands!  Alan and I plan to step up our Spanish-speaking a few notches and partner with Pueblo Español as well as obtain our Spanish driver’s license.  We don’t currently have any travel planned in 2017, but I guarantee we will travel!

What are your plans and goals for 2017?  We wish you all the best and hope you are living the life of your dreams.

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4 thoughts on “Another Epic Year For Wagoners Abroad 2016

  1. Happy New Year! We are moving to Scotland this coming June. I am sure at some point in the coming years I will need a trip to Spain to soak up some sun and we will certainly make Almunecur part of our plans! Cheers to 2017!

    • Hey Becca! Happy New Year to you as well. Oh Scotland is absolutely beautiful. What part are you moving to? You bet you will need a trip to Spain. The flights are so crazy cheap, you will want to come more than once. We would love to meet up with you, if you make it our way.

      • Hello! We have two daughters in Portobello, just outside of Edinburgh but we will be staying in North Berwick about a half hour from Edinburgh city center. Your advice on how to get rid of everything has been helpful except craigslist has been a bust because we live far out in the country and no one can find us! Ebay has become my second career and we will try one big garage sale in the spring. What doesn’t sell will go to charity. It is all an overwhelming amount of work but I know it will be worth it!
        Cheers to a great 2017!

        • Oh that sounds great. Yes, being remote can be a challenge. I am sure you will figure it all out. When there is a will, there’s a way. 🙂 best of luck to you.

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