Amsterdam – Hotel, Botel or Apartment? #GwOGuestTester

So as we mentioned last week our “living in Spain” days are numbered.  We are planning on moving to Southeast Asia sometime next year.  So what does that mean?  PANIC!   There is so much more to see and experience in Europe.  We have 6-8 months left and it feels like the clock is ticking.  Alan and I came up with our Must Visit list and Amsterdam was one of those at the tippy top.  We have both been there several times, when we lived in London in the late ’90s.  There is just something about it that we love.  There is a vibe and peace we feel when we are there and we want to be sure the kids can see and experience that as well.  We have stayed in Hotels, Botels (a boat hotel) and Apartments in Amsterdam in the past.  I am now browsing around trying to figure out when we will go and where we will stay.  I think I found a “To Die For” winner of an apartment.
#GwOGuestTester apt Amsterdam

The price is wonderful and it has 3 bedrooms in the center of town…….wait….. it is also on a canal!   Would you just look at this place and tell me you wouldn’t be nice and comfy snuggled on one of those nice double beds.  I think Alan may like that massive TV and the views are wonderful.
#GwOGuestTester apt Amsterdam Beds

We would just fit right in and pretend we were living there for a long weekend or maybe a week.   We can wake up in the morning and each child would have their own room, so I am sure Anya would sleep the longest.  Then we could just step outside and walk to a cafe for me to have a coffee treat and the rest of the gang would indulge in a wonderful sweet.  I am just trying to figure out when and transportation too.  We no longer own many winter clothes so timing is everything.

We would like to be “testers” of this apartment, but need your help.  Should we do it?  Should we stay at a GoWithOh apartment or keep on looking?

Leave your comment below and let GoWithOh know why you think we should be their apartment testers for Amsterdam.

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8 thoughts on “Amsterdam – Hotel, Botel or Apartment? #GwOGuestTester

  1. We love this! Thanks for entering & good luck to you! Enjoy lots of traveling these months before your big move! 🙂

    • Ha, Thanks! You are exactly who I would love to love this! We love to travel and can’t wait to go to UK in 10 days. Still have to get Amsterdam and a few others in before Summer.

  2. Go for it! Why complicate things? Well, ok, look for a second choice for a backup, but then be decisive. What a marvelous dilemma to have!

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