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Hey there!  It’s Heidi here and I wanted to start publishing some of our newsletters on the blog as well.  So if you are interested in receiving them, go ahead and subscribe now.  We tend to send something out monthly, but sometimes we will post them here too. The photo below is Playa Puerta del Mar, a beach in our town.

playa puerta del mar Almunecar spain

I sure hope you are enjoying your weather.  We have been experiencing a colder winter than normal, at least I think so.  I can’t really complain though, as the cooler days are mixed with some sunny days in the 60’s too.  After returning from an amazing Christmas in Amsterdam with Grandma Linda and New Years in Brussels, we have been busy at work.  It seems many people are planning their move to Spain and have reached out for consulting or one of our new relocation packages.  It is very exciting to see so many people making the move.

We have also been working hard to build up our Almuñécar Info site!  I am so excited we received nearly 6000 views in January and that is winter!  It beat out our top views from last summer, so we are very hopeful and excited to see it grow for the upcoming summer high season.

Travel Tools:
We are asked time and time again about the travel tools we use and recommend.  I am certain we have many listed on Wagoners Abroad, but our Almuñécar Info site is growing fast too.  We’ve created a new page for that site to list what we recommend.  Some of the links are affiliate links, so if something is purchased we may receive a commission.  We only recommended what we have used or what our friends recommend too.  Over time we will continue to add more tools, so keep a look out!

Lars & Anya update:
Both kids are doing great and are enjoying time with their friends and going to school.  Spain has become their childhood home and it will be interesting to see them reflect back on our time here when they are adults.  It is great to see them have such deep and close friendships in Spanish.  A few of their friends have been inspired to learn English as well and are doing a great job.  Oh it is so wonderful seeing kids pick up languages so quickly.  Both kids are doing a little language tutoring on the side, in Spanish and English, so they are enjoying that for now.

Okay, that’s it for now.  Enjoy the rest of your winter and  chat with you later.

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Do you want to contribute?
As you know we have helped hundreds of people think outside of the box and either travel or make the move to Spain.  We do have a series of ebooks we have written over the years and it is time to tackle the daunting task of doing another.  I am going to be digging into the “getting settled” ebook next.  It will cover things like obtaining resident cards and renewals, how does a queue (line) work in Spain, insurance, utilities, phones, staying in touch with home country, transportation, and the list goes on.

We know many of you are currently living in Spain or you did and already returned to your home country.  If you have a topic we should consider adding or a funny story you would like to share about getting settled, please reply to this email with the detailed info.  If you don’t mind us quoting you in the ebook, just let us know.  If we use your story, we will of course provide you a free copy of the completed ebook.

Just a quick reminder of our published ebooks!
What topics do you feel we should cover in future ebook(s)?

Thanks for keeping up with us and we will chat again soon.

Interested in Moving to Spain?

You can find a great deal of info for your move to Spain on our blog.  If there is anyway we can help you with your planning, visas, the move or getting settled, just let us know.  We also offer consulting to help answer your questions and help you through the process.

Thank you for following along with our journey!

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