Ah, the Simple Things – Loving Our Expat Life In Spain

We have been on the go for over 10 days now.  With everything new and exciting you would think the simple things would be boring. Not for this family!

the simple things drying clothes

The Simple Things

  1. LOVE – We have always been a very close family, but thus far this journey has brought us even closer.  I loved seeing Alan and the kids paling around together while we were on the hunt to purchase Alan some undies and socks. Who knew shopping for undergarments could be so much fun?
  2. Celebration – Alan’s birthday.  I feel so bad we didn’t have presents and a cake. But while the kids and I were out for a walk, we did buy him a can of Orange Fanta and some Oreo cookies. Upon our return, we took out the traditional Wagoner birthday tiara (yes it ranked as an item to come on the journey, tradition baby!). We presented his goods while singing the Birthday Song.  He had a bit of a cold, so simple was good.
  3. Laundry – We had 9 full days with no laundry facilities. We are now in a short-term apartment with a WASHER! No dryer, but a washer beats hand washing.  Dryers aren’t common here at all. We have this contraption on the terrace where you hang your close to dry. 1st thing after getting moved into the apartment, we washed our first load (handful, small machines) of laundry.  Guess who was the first to hang dry the clothes ever so neat and organized? It was Alan!  Then, this morning Anya was up early and folded those dry clothes and she hung the next 2 loads to dry as well.  They all seem to be enjoying these simple tasks, for now. I am going to take full advantage and let them do it until the novelty wears off.
  4. YUM – we are waaay off on our eating schedule, so we are having breakfast around 10am, lunch around 3 or so and then dinner around 8 or 9pm… Oh well!  Anyway, the big meal of the day in Spain is the middle meal or Lunch.  Many restaurants have a complete meal offered at that time called “Menu of the Day”.  This is usually an appetizer, entrée, drink and dessert.  Let’s just say we have been sampling the Spain cuisine with the 1st 2 courses, but LOVING the final course. They offer all sorts of pastries etc., but we always opt for Ice Cream!
  5. Journaling – We are doing our best to document what we can in either a journal or on our blog. Anya prefers to hand write hers, but we are all having fun with the blog. We seem to be enjoying the outdoor space and spending our writing time there.

Yes, it is the Simple Things that count and the Simple Things we will remember from the journey. I am sure we will also recall all of the exciting moments, but the Simple Things please me most.

3 thoughts on “Ah, the Simple Things – Loving Our Expat Life In Spain

  1. Finally catching up with your journey! WOW! So, excited for you and glad to read all is going well!
    We miss you, Alan!

  2. I really, really liked this posting…..seems so comfortable and what a wonderful time to spend “relaxing” with just your family.

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