Aged like a fine wine (I hope)

Today has been a fantastic 47th Birthday for me! Wow, when did I get so old?  I still feel as young as ever…well, at least in my 30’s. Oh well, I guess it is all about how you feel and not the number.

I do feel bad that Alan is dealing with yet another kidney stone, but he and the kids have gone out of their way to make me feel special today. Being is Spain is good enough for me.

The morning began with me waking up and going to brush my teeth. When complete, I opened the restroom door and there were the kids singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I thought they were still sleeping!  They had apparently been up for an hour to make me breakfast and get ready for school.  They even sent me a Happy Birthday email at 6:45am. (usually, we don’t even get up until 8am). They were so excited.  We enjoyed the most spectacular sunrise and then off to school.

Alan wasn’t feeling well, so I went to Spanish class on my own.  Turns out only 2 of the 4 of us attended class today. So with just 2 students and 90 min, we accomplished a great deal. We only spoke Spanish! Each of us explained our weekend activities (Fin de semana actividades)  in full detail and we understood each other! I was so proud!

After class, I stopped at a little market in La Herradura. I was informed by another expat that they carried salad dressings, so I checked it out. (salad dressing is difficult to come by here, mainly oil and vinegar   that is fine for a while, but I do miss a few things). They had a small bottle of “American” Caesar dressing, for a hefty price.  I thought I would try it, Birthday treat to self. They also had what appeared to be dill pickles.  I brought them home and well, we are getting closer to dill, but not quite. (most of the pickles here are sweet, yuk!)

So around 2pm, I picked up the kids from school.  We came home for lunch and then Alan and the kids scurried me out to the balcony and left me there.  Inside there was some whispering and rumbling going on. I was then greeted outside by Anya with our family bday hat and escorted inside with my eyes closed.   I had a bottle of Dr. Pepper, some oreos and gifts waiting for me.  Any found me a huge tea cup (Finally! no more 2 sip cup).  Lars got me a screen protector for my phone (he knows I am rough on the phone). Alan scheduled a Quad tour in the nearby hills of Frigiliana for Thursday afternoon. So the four of us will be riding quads in Spain!

The kids ran off to get their homework done and then Lars comes upstairs to announce w are now going to have a Fiesta Danza!  Wagoner Dance Party here we come (Grandma’s have experienced one of these first hand).   He made a mix of some fun music I love (even the go go’s! where did he find that? )  and we dance for a long time.  Alan missed the dance party as he isn’t feeling well, but I just love my family.  The personal touches are so sweet and they know me so well!

I have also been showered with lovely emails and Facebook messages from family and friends around the world.  How cool is that? No matter where you are in the world, we can communicate!

What a wonderful day!   and it is only 4pm……  🙂

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    • LOL, that is too funny. I did tell the kids that story. How many Go Go concerts did you and I perform? 🙂 I am spreading the love to the next generation.

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