Adventures With Anya: How To Donate Hair!

About six months ago, we were traveling in Asia.  It was so hot there and my hair was so long, I just wanted to cut it all off.  My mom told me to wait until we were in the USA, because it would be easier to get it cut how I wanted there and they speak English.  Since I knew I had to wait a few months to get my hair cut, I kept looking in the mirror to see how short I wanted it.  Then I decided I wanted it above my shoulders and Mom suggested we look into donating my hair.

If you have long hair and want to do something good, get a hair cut and make a hair donation.  Read more on

We did research to see how long the hair donation needed to be and it seemed like the average length was 10 inches.  So we measured my hair and knew that was not going to be a problem.  I still kept dreaming of what my hair would look like short.  It has been almost 3 years since the last time my hair was cut!

Anya's long hair before donating hair to charity. If you have long hair and want to do something good, get a hair cut and make a hair donation.  Read more on

Once we in the USA, I decided to get my hair cut while we were visiting family in Southern Utah.  Aunt Karen, Mom and I went looking around for a hair salon who worked with hair donations.  We found one place, but in the end we didn’t go there because it was too busy.  We decided to just go to any place and take care of the hair donation on our own.

We ended up stopping by Southern Utah Fantastic Sams, and just wanted to do it.  We walked in and I was very very excited.  I couldn’t believe this was the first time in almost 3 years since I had a haircut.  I had looked at my hair so much in the mirror, I knew exactly what I wanted, and it was so easy to tell them how to cut my hair.

It was time and I was so excited.  Emily was so nice to me and she made a braid and then just cut it off!  Just like that.  Watch my video below to see my reaction.

If you have long hair and want to do something good, get a hair cut and make a hair donation.  Read more on

I wanted to donate my hair because I was going to cut off enough and be able to give it to someone who needs it more that I did.  The charity I chose deals specifically with kids with hair loss.  Some of the kids have a disease where the skin thinks it’s allergic to the hair and the hair falls out in patches, which leaves bald spots all over their head.  This will help them either fill in the spots or get a wig.

If you have enough hair to donate I would say you should do it!  Even if you don’t live in the USA, you can go online and print the form and mail your hair donation into your favorite charity.  We printed off a form and sent the form and my hair in the mail.

Thanks to Emily for making my haircut experience fun and nice!  After we were done, she said that my haircut was free!  Wow, that is great.  We didn’t expect it to be free.

Emily from Southern Utah Fanstastic Sams. If you have long hair and want to do something good, get a hair cut and make a hair donation.  Read more on


Watch this video of my haircut – Hair Donation Experience!

How to Donate Hair and contribute to making wigs for cancer patients

  1. Find an organization you feel comfortable with.  Do your research and ensure the hair will go to a good cause.  I opted to donate hair to Children with hair loss.  I am sure my hair would be good for adults or children, but I just wanted to help another child.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be sick and not have my hair.  I hope my hair makes someone else feel more comfortable and confident.  Other hair donation organizations-  Locks for love, St. Baldricks.
  2. Make sure you have enough hair to meet their requirements.
  3. Locate a hair salon.  Some hair salons work with charities directly, some will provide you with a free haircut if you are donating your hair, or you can just get it cut and do the donation all on your own.  I visited Fantastic Sams in St. George Utah.  They provided me with a free haircut and they work with Locks of Love.  I opted to donate my hair on my own to the charity of my choice.
  4. Cut your hair!
  5. Follow the instructions from your chosen charity and send in your hair donation.  I had to fill out a form and include that with my hair.  I just put the hair in a plastic bag, included the form and sent it in an envelope.  I hope it helps make a nice wig for a child.

Tips for donating hair

  • Measure from the tip to the cut, usually a minimum of 10 inches.
  • Make sure you hair is clean and dry before cutting.
  • It is best to have your hair in a pony tail or braid prior to cutting.
  • Store your hair in a plastic bag, so it doesn’t get dirty.

Comment below and let me know what you think.  Have you donated your hair before?  Would you consider donating hair now?  Please share your story with me.

6 thoughts on “Adventures With Anya: How To Donate Hair!”

  1. Indeed, when you plan on getting your hair cut short, it is a great thing to do to donate it. They can use your hair in wigs for those who can’t grow their own for one reason or another. It’s such a simple thing, but you can improve peoples lives drastically because of it.

  2. Great job Anya! You look adorable with short hair 🙂 I have been thinking about donating mine as well and you’ve inspired me to do it.

    1. Oh yeah good! That is exactly why I wanted to share what I did. I hope you donate your hair and let me know too. You can even send a picture and my mom said, we can put it on my post too. Thanks Samantha.

  3. Love this post, Anya! And I never knew about hair donations, that’s a great thing you’re doing there!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I didn’t know about hair donations either, until my mom suggested it when we were in Malaysia. I am so glad I did it and can help other kids out.

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