Accommodation Spotlight: B&B Casa 9 – Almuñécar, Spain

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Front DoorImagine weaving your way through the narrow pedestrian-only streets, of the seaside town of Almuñécar, Spain.  As you take each step you admire the patterned stone work on the path, the buildings, fountains, and plazas beaming with history and the castle perched on the hill above.  There is a buzz of people going about their day while picking up their bread at the local bakery and catching up on the daily gossip.  You weave your way through the maze and on to Calle Alta del Mar, you arrive at B&B Casa 9, with flower lined windows.  You eagerly knock on the age-old large wooden doors, which have greeted visitors for hundreds of years.  The doors open and you are greeted with the friendliest smile in town, by your host Daizie.

Casa 9 is a traditional 200-year-old house set in the historic town of Almuñécar, Spain.  Located just 45 minutes from either Málaga or Granada along Costa Tropical.  The casa is located right in the heart of the old town pedestrian-only zone and it just a five-minute walk to the beach and the glistening Mediterranean Sea.  There are numerous restaurants, tapas bars, bakeries, and shops just outside the doors.  We couldn’t resist the charm and needed to experience this place ourselves.

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Old Town

We’ve lived in this town nearly 21 months and just love every bit of it.  We are particularly fond of the old town area and thought we would spend the night at Casa 9 and experience the town from the “inside”.  Daizie agreed to host Wagoners Abroad and in exchange we are providing you with our honest review of her B&B accommodation.  So let us tell you a little about our “staycation” in Old Town Almuñécar.


B&B Casa 9 – Almuñécar, Spain

The Common Areas

As we entered into the foyer, we were pleasantly surprised by the depth and vastness of the home.  The main lobby had that open air Moroccan Riad sort of feel and there was a good-sized dining room, kitchen, terrace and TV room.  Daizie allows her guest to have full use of the kitchen, so that can save you money on eating out.  She also prepares a fresh breakfast for you in the morning.

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Common Areas


The Guest Rooms

Casa 9 offers 2 guest rooms to choose from, each with an en-suite bath.

Front Suite:  The main bedroom, in the front of the house, offers a Wow! factor.  You feel like royalty with a grand well-furnished 2 room suite.  Fitted with a luxurious king sized four post bed, mirrored armoire and an iMac computer for your use.  The bath room is my dream room.  With a grand claw bath tub as the room centerpiece, I just couldn’t resist taking a bath.  It also had a vanity, a closet and pedestal sink.  Off to the side you also could be pampered in the tiled rain shower room and have a laugh when reaching up to pull the chain flush toilet.

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Front Suite

Since this is located in the front along the pedestrian streets, you will have the opportunity to see and hear the town buzz.  This could be quite active on the weekends and makes you feel part of the community.  We stayed on a week night and found the buzz turned very quiet about 11 pm.

Rear Suite:  The second guest room is a bit quieter and smaller, but is still very spacious.  It certainly doesn’t fall short of pampering you in luxury.  This room is located in the back of the house with a double sized bed, a vanity and closet.  It too has an en-suite claw bath, just as nice as the other bathroom room.  Anya and Lars stayed in this room and just like me, Anya couldn’t resist taking a bath.  When she finished her bath, bubbles and all, she wanted a huge room just like this, for her bath at home.

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Rear Suite

The Roof Top Terrace

Just beside the rear guest suite you will find a small blue staircase.  Follow this up to the top and you will not be disappointed.  You are first enticed with a well fitted kitchenette / bar area.  Casa 9 offers many tempting treats, all on the honor system.  You may enjoy your breakfast on the roof top terrace, sun in the lounge chair, snooze in the hammock or enjoy some good conversation relaxing on the sofas.

This was a real treat for us all and we loved hearing the nearby church bells and watching the moon rise as we all visited and enjoyed the terrace.  Not to worry about turning on lights as night falls, the pergola is adorned with solar lights for you.  Casa 9 offers wifi for your computers, but we had so much fun hanging out on the terrace we never even connected any of our devices.  Now that says something for the “techie” Wagoners Abroad family not to hook up to the internet for an entire day / night!

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Roof Top Terrace

Overall Thoughts

Whether you are a local or a visitor to Almuñécar, we recommend spending some time in the town.  There is just a certain feel you can’t get anywhere else when you are staying in the town center.  It makes you feel part of the community and just about anything you need is just steps away.  Within a 1-2 minute walk, you will find a small grocery store, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, souvenir shops and ice cream.  Just a couple of minutes further takes you to the beach or a walk in the other direction take you to the town plaza.


Contact:          B&B Casa 9 – Almuñécar, Spain
Location          Calle Alta del Mar, Almuñécar, Andalusia 18690, Spain
It is about a 10 minute walk from the central bus station or a 45 minute drive from Malaga or Granada.  If driving, there is an underground pay car park along the beach.  Alternatively, you may look for free street parking (white lines), but ensure there are not blue lines on the road (that is paid parking).

If you decide to visit, say hello to Daizie for us!


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  1. Staycations are great, aren’t they? We’re developing a love of them over on Gran Canaria. That’s the beauty of living on a holiday island.

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