A Wonderful Day in Paradise

 I love living in a place where everyday is just another day in paradise!

I love living in a place where everyday is just another day in paradise!

I had another post scheduled for today, but I decided to postpone. I am just so enjoying this Wonderful Day in Paradise and thought you should enjoy it with me TODAY as well. Alan and I had a very productive and fun Spanish Class this morning. We are making great progress and building our vocabulary every day. It also helps that we adore our teacher and classmates as well. They are a great bunch and fun to laugh with as we all make some silly mistakes. But that is also how we learn and remember for next time.

Just Another Day In Paradise!

Today is Glorious! It is about 70’F and sunny with a light breeze. We arrived home from class and immediately take care of our chores (Wash Dishes, Hang laundry to dry and sweep the floors).  I am the type of person that likes to reward myself for the chores and our inviting terrace is usually my reward.  I could perhaps just go straight to the reward, but then the chores would never get done.  I think it is in my blood, as my mom does the same thing. I guess if I make a game out of it, it is a tad bit more exciting.

Any way, on to my reward and out to the terrace.  I am sipping coffee from the mug Anya purchased for me viewing the beautiful San Cristobal Beach in our town of Almuñécar. I hear the waves gently lapping along the shore. As you can see in the picture, I purchased my desired floral vines. 5 Euros total for both of them, what a deal!  The entire town seems to be out pruning trees.  Our garden is visible below our terrace pruning a tree by the pool. After soaking up the environment outside, I grab my laptop to read a few blogs and send a few emails.  Just 20 more minutes until we pick up the kids from school.  That is also a favorite bonus of the day. I love hearing about their day and their accomplishments.

I entitled this post “A Wonderful Day in Paradise”, but completely understand that Paradise is a matter of opinion.  We had plenty of days in NC that were Paradise as well. I remember the bonfires in the back yard or spotting a dear on the rare snow day along the creek behind the house. Hanging out with the kids at the pool on a hot summers day or going camping at the lake, Too many to write down here.  What is your perception of Paradise?   I love living in a place where everyday is just another day in paradise!

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