Ah! A Nice Refreshing Coke

Living in Europe means that it’s sometimes necessary to alter one’s perception of what constitutes a “portion”.  In the U.S., it’s easy.  There’s big, bigger, and ginormous.  On our summer vacation, we are currently in Passy-Plaine Joux, which is close to Chamonix, and the impressive Mont Blanc.  We’re staying in a quaint hotel that is way, way, way up the hill, with an amazing view.

View of Mont Blanc

Nice, huh?!

Now I would like you to put your Imagination Hat on for me.  It’s probably packed away, so I’ll wait will you get it.  OK…you’re back.  Good.  Now imagine that it’s a hot day out.  Very hot.  You also happen to be working outside in the garden, yard, or wherever you and your Imagination Hat dream up.  You’re sweating profusely, and you’re thirsty.

Suddenly, you remember that you left a bottle of Coke in the freezer an hour ago, and it’s probably about four degrees above freezing.  It’s almost, but not quite, slushy.  You are hot, and you’ve been working hard, and let’s face it…you deserve a break.  A nice big glass will taste very refreshing.

Off you go to the kitchen, and you grab yourself a nice big glass, and you fill it up with your super-cold beverage.  Let’s get back to the portion thing I mentioned earlier.  You can take off your hat now.  It looked kind of silly on you, anyway.

So I’m betting that if you are in the U.S., your glass would be maybe 12 or 16 ounces.  Maybe even 20 ounces if you’re from Texas.  Now when I arrived at our hotel, I figured that I would have a drink of some Coke that I had put in the fridge.

A BIG glass of Coke


That looks pretty good so far, right?  Wrong!  This is not a normal sized drinking implement.  It’s more like a large shot glass.

Not So Big

It’s basically a big swallow, ergo, no long swig, no satisfying, thirst-quenching chug.  It’s sip, pour, sip, pour.  You get the picture. So, yes, this is a bit of a rant.

My recommendation to you, if you’re traveling to Europe in the summer, is to bring your favorite glass.

Come on and tell us what you think!

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