A Glimmer of Light at the End of the Tunnel

I can almost see it.  We’re getting very close.  Close to what?  My dream of being able to travel around a country, go where we want, see what we want, and when we want.  In a campervan.  Yes, you read that right.

the light at the end of the tunnel

Some Background History

I suppose I should take you back in time a bit and explain where this dream of mine came from.  You see, back when Heidi convinced me that we could quit our jobs and do go “nomadic”, the initial idea was to travel via campervan, and enjoy life on the road as it were.  We were a Road Trip couple before the kids, and we did our fair share of driving around the U.S., so doing this in a different country would be a great family experience.

Tulum Mexico 2010

I follow a number of online RVers in the U.S. (The RV Geeks and Gone With the Wynns), and would love to do something like that in Australia.  Why Australia?  I’ve been there a couple of times, and fell in love with the country.  I enjoy the people, and culture, and Australia is wide-open with plenty of roads.  How cool would it be to take 6 months to a year driving through the country?  I would put it somewhere between the Bee’s Knees and The Cat’s Pajamas!

But when we started thinking about the space issues though with four inhabitants in one campervan, Mr. Reality kind of slapped me in the face, and it became clear that particular dream would have to wait.  Four people living long-term in a campervan would just not be practical.  Sigh…

As you know, we wound up moving to Spain for two years, then we had an epic journey throughout Southeast Asia, and then we returned to Spain almost three years ago.  We are still enjoying this stage of our lives, but then there’s always a next chapter.

Show Me The Light!

So what about that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel I mentioned earlier?  Well, Lars will be entering Bachillerato, which is akin to the last two years of high school.  If he could, Lars would move out of the house tomorrow, so we know he’s going to be living elsewhere when he goes off to university.  (His current thinking is that he’d like to attend a university in Amsterdam.)

Anya Boo has four more years of school, and she’s definitely on the “I’m moving out as soon as possible” Train.  She’ll probably stay in Spain, but that means Heidi and I have roughly four more years to wait.  And then Heidi and I will have the opportunity to become a Nomadic Couple again!

Gouda Netherlands Bikes

Mapping It All Out

For such an adventure, there’s a bunch of research and planning.  Obviously the first step is to figure out the where in this grand plan of mine.  In a country as large as Australia,  geographically speaking, there so many different routes to take, it almost boggles the mind.  I mean, take a look at this map:


Some back-of-the-envelope calculations show roughly 10,000 miles of main roads.  And that doesn’t even take into consideration all of the side-trips and off-the-beaten-path types of side-trips we have available to us.

It’s Not Just About The Miles

Not only do we have the routes to plan, but we need to somehow incorporate as many cool festivals and sites to see. The Splendour In The Grass Music Festival and AusFest are popular festivals.  As far as sites to see, I have to say that seeing Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and snorkeling or diving in the Great Barrier Reef are definitely on our Must-Do list.

I’m also anxious to sample some of my favorite Australian food.  I plan on eating my fill of meat pies, Pavlova (a seriously yummy dessert), and Cherry Ripe (a delicious type of chocolate).  But I’ll be passing on the Vegemite thing.  Sorry to our Australian friends out there, but I’m not a fan.

I don’t want to forget our friends who live across Australia.  During our travels over the last 5+ years, we’ve become friends with many of our readers, and it would be great to meet-up and talk travel over a beer (pronounced “BEE-yah” in Australia).  And who knows, maybe they’ll let us use their shower.

Our Transportation

The next step is to source a campervan.  We’re not interested in brand new, and the good news is that there is a huge market for second-hand campers/caravans.  I found literally thousands of choices on Gumtree.  We can find our trusty vehicle, and save some money at the same time.  Plus we can also purchase many of the travel goodies on the same site.

All of this talk about planning such a mega road-trip has my travel itch going a bit crazy.  When will it happen?  Heidi and I have four years to plan out this next travel phase, and we’ll keep you all in the loop.  We might even let you name our campervan (Campy McCamperan is not an option!).

Making It Happen In 2022

OK.  So four years is a long way out, but with the kids out of the picture so to speak, Heidi and I will have more flexibility in what we do and where we go.  Stay tuned.  There’s a lot of planning to do, but don’t be surprised if you see us posting Outback Experiences right here on Wagoners Abroad.  Who knows where the path will take us? Should we do it?

What about you?  What’s your dream or have you done the RV thing?  Tell us about it.

2 thoughts on “A Glimmer of Light at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. Hey Alan.

    We did the whole campervan thing around Australia and Tasmania before kids but are now 11 weeks into 12 months in a secondhand motorhome (RV) around Europe as a family of 5 plus a little dog and having a great time. I have some links to others doing similar on the Useful Stuff page on my web sites and there is of course the endless #vanlife pictures and inspirational self build vans on Instagram you can view. We are planning on being in Spain later this year if you fancied a catch up offline? All the best, Andy

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