Remembering High School – A Lifetime Ago

Be prepared for me to share way too much information.  If you don’t already know, I am not one of those “girls” that is afraid to share her age or any other detail about me (excluding my weight, that is a don’t go there topic).  Anyway I belong to many Facebook groups and keep in touch with a few friends from College and High School as well.  I happened to see that one of my high school friends made a comment on a post that had mentioned a 30-year high school reunion gathering.  I did the math and then it hit me, that is MY Reunion they are talking about!
1983 High School Graduation (High School Reunion)

30 Year High School Reunion

I graduated from High School 30 YEARS AGO!  How did I get so old?  Where did the time go?  I remember going with my mother to her 25th Reunion and thinking it was a bunch of old people.  Now I am one of them, even older!  Why is it I feel better, more alive and more in tune with myself than I ever did in High School?  I know you are just dying to make a comment and let me know “I don’t look so old” or “You can’t believe it”.  Go ahead, make my day.  If you want to put something else in the comments “BE WARNED”, just kidding.  You make whatever comment you want to make, come on I dare you tease me.

I remember my 10 year reunion.  I was living in San Francisco after living a year in Tijuana Mexico and spending 6 months traveling all through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.  I was surprised they managed to locate me to send me the invite.  As part of the invite, there was a questionnaire that needed to be completed.  Some of it was what you remembered about High School and some was about you in the present.  I remember reflecting back and then actually going to the reunion.  It was strange to see what I thought of myself and what other perceived.  Things didn’t match up and I am not sure who was skewed or if we all were a little bit.  It is amazing what time can blur for you.

High School for me was a bit odd.  I always thought of myself as one of the “misfits”.  I was very shy and very studious.  In hindsight I had an extremely poor self-image.  I was in the math and hiking clubs, played powder puff football, kept “stats” for the Varsity football team and was friends with all sorts of people.

I wasn’t one of the “popular” people, but I knew plenty of them.  I also knew the stoner crowd from my older siblings and the tennis, basketball, pep and swimmers too.  I am not sure if I was friends or an acquaintance back then, and I have no idea what their perception was either.  I guess I kind of just marched to my own beat and didn’t realize it.  I thought I wanted to be one of the popular people, but didn’t think I was pretty enough or thin enough.

I remember when it was time for Senior Prom and Buck asked me to go.  Poor guy, my initial response was “You want to go with me?  Are you sure you don’t want to go with Sharon?”.  I really thought he was interested in my best friend and I was oblivious and naive.  I never had a “boyfriend” in high school and considered myself to be a “late bloomer”  (Guess that is why I married at 31).  We went to the prom and I had the time of my life.  Buck was a great guy and I have fond memories.  He currently has a great life in the Pacific Northwest with his beautiful wife of about 20 years and his kids.
1983 Senior Prom

I look back on all that has happened to me, with me, about me in the past 30 years and there is no way I would change a thing.  I have had the best well-rounded full life, full of experiences, family, friends and love. I have grown so much emotionally and have had so many people touch my life in many ways.  I look at my life now and I can honestly say, I have never been happier.  I know, sounds corny, but it is true.  I am living my dream and I have a hunky sentimental hubby as well as two intelligent, creative, and silly children to share it with.  The world is mine and it doesn’t matter what age I am.

I will be 48 next month and that sounds absolutely crazy.  Why is it I don’t feel any different?  I know I have grey hair and have for about 15 years, but I own it.  I love my grey stripe.  I guess you are as old as you “think” you are.  That said there are a few aches after getting up from sitting on the ground or something, so that is aging.  Who knows how long we have on this earth to make an impact on our life as well as others.  Who knows what we are supposed to be doing and where we are to do it.

I know the American culture tells me I should be married with a house, 2.5 kids and a dog.  I should own a home with a mortgage and taxi my kids around to activities.   I should make dinner for my husband and keep up the image that life is perfect and the American Dream is “The Bomb”.   Well, we lived it for a long time and then it seemed to be time for us to move on and think outside the box just a little.

I had always dreamed of travel and couldn’t get enough of seeing new places and people.  To this day, that is what I love and it is my passion.  It is amazing how good it feels to follow your passion and live IN your dream.   I wonder how many others from my high school graduating class are really living their dream.  Maybe their dream is the American Dream and if so, I think that is great.   I am so curious what others are up to and what they have done the past 30 years.  What paths have they followed, what have they experienced?

Cinque Terre - Riomaggiore Italy WagonersAbroad

For now I will just continue to wonder and hope they too have all lived in their dream.  I guess after 30 years, there is no big organized event.  It is just a meet up at a cafe in the local town.  If anyone from my high school is reading this, please do keep me up to date and let me know scoop.

Come on and tell us what you think!

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