3 Weeks to go to Spain!

We are getting very excited and the Wagoner Machines are humming along. It feels like the to do list is endless, but one day at a time it seems things are getting done. 

Go to Spain

We officially have a “Go to Spain Corner” in the bedroom.  The thought was that we would physically place items there as we say “oh, this needs to go with us”. That way we will have a visual of what we plan on taking. Then I am sure we will have a reality check and have to choose not to bring some items.

Wanna know the kinds of thing we have accomplished in the past week or so?

  1. Plenty of swimming at the pool (gotta work on the tan and keep us active)
  2. Even provided a couple of swim lessons 🙂
  3. Met up with several friends for some good quality time before leaving. We still have several friends to try and spend time with. This has been a challenge with working around vacations etc.  We really want the kids to have time with their friends.
  4. Final clean of “junk drawer”  you know how that is. it was actually all dumped into a box when we moved from the house, so now we went through it and only ended up keeping a small handful of items. Oh why did we even move it from the house?!
  5. Final run through kids clothes for good will. They have grown so much this summer, we had quite a bit to say so long to.
  6. The “Going to Spain Corner” was created.
  7. Paid off both cars – (OUCH!) in order to have title in hand to sell them before we go.
  8. Sold several things on Craigslist, the bulk (couch etc) will be posted on 8/10.
  9. Formally requested kids school records and gave withdrawal notice.
  10. All laptops have arrived and are being loaded with each personal preference.
  11. Booked Car in Spain as well as 1st weeks accommodations.
  12. Booked final days in NC accommodation.
  13. Organized final discussion with Financial Adviser.
  14. Finishing touches with US Doctors and any prescriptions.
  15. Finalizing life insurance.
  16. Will’s are updated

I am sure there are only a million things I am missing, but we will get to those next week.

I can’t wait to Go to Spain!

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. Let us know what you would like to read in our blog. What burning questions do you have for us?

2 thoughts on “3 Weeks to go to Spain!

  1. Really like your style of writing and all the details.
    I am attempting to write blogs too but as English is not my 1st language; I am just cautious with my writing and never know how much detail is too much detail and may bored people to death lol…
    Very interesting to read your adventures 🙂

    • Oh Laly, you are too sweet. I am certain we bore a few people. I think the best thing to do is just write, as you can’t please everyone. Just act as if you are writing to a specific reader (type of reader) and keep them in mind each time. Best of luck to you and let us know if you have any questions.

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