17 Years Of Marriage!

It is Sunday, and it’s our anniversary!  It’s amazing that I’ve been married to a fantastic woman for 17 years.  I was thinking about our 17 year-old journey while going to bed, and wound up writing the thoughts that came into my head. I’m not sure how you would classify it, but here it is…

Wandering the single path, I found another traveller. Hands and Paths were joined, and many trails travelled together.
At times I lost track of the things that truly matter along our journey, but your navigation always brought us back together.
Together we created two others to bring along on our journey, and even with putting the children between us, I can feel the squeeze of your hand, and all the strength it conveys.
There are no wrong turns. Only unexpected views along the diversion. We may not have a map, but together, our way is clear. We may have no compass, but our direction stays true.
While there is no map or diary of our journey, I would gladly begin it again and again.

I love you Heidi, and I’m so glad we’re doing this together!

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