7 Things To Do In Valencia With Kids

We had just 3 days to visit Valencia this time around and we packed it full of kid friendly fun!  Valencia is full of charm, history, amazing architecture, and loads of activities.  We certainly recommend you visit Valencia with kids!  We will be sharing some of our favorite things to do in Valencia, as well as a few spots to eat, and places to stay.  Keep on reading to check out our guide to fun in Valencia!

Valencia is full of charm, history, amazing architecture, and loads of fun. Visit Valencia with kids, we will share Things to do & Places to stay and eat. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

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Valencia Flats Centro Ciudad Rental Spotlight

Oh how we love Valencia!  Last time we visited we stayed in a hotel, but this time we wanted a little more space and a kitchen.  We chose Valencia Flats and were pleasantly surprised when we found out we had a terrace too!

Valencia Flats Centro Ciudad

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Our Summer Road Trip Begins

Summer Road TripTime for our Summer Road Trip!  As you know we kicked it all off with a Splash at the Big Water Fight!  The next morning we were up, packed and out of the house by 11am for the first leg of our Summer Journey.  Today our goal was to make the 9-ish hour drive to Barcelona or at least most of the way.  Continue reading

I found a Princess dresses in the Mall

Mom and I were walking through the mall and there were so many beautiful dresses on display. We think they were from Royal Spanish families. I had to take pictures so Emma could see the pretty dresses too. I hope you guys like them too.

¡La Tomatina 2012!

Greetings All!

La Tomatina?

What the heck is that? Many of you have been asking about our La Tomatina experience.  Well, we survived.  We had a blast.

Thanks for asking…

La Tomatina
Making our way to the center of town

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