10 Free Things To Do In Porto, Portugal (Oporto)

Yes, I did say Free Things To Do in Porto, with kids!  We had a wonderful time visiting Porto, Portugal (aka Oporto).  We will have to tell you all about our adventures in another post.  We were so thrilled to find so many free activities for the kids, we thought we would dedicate an entire post just to that.  I am sure there are more free activities out there, but we didn’t have time to enjoy them all.

10 Fun and Free Things To Do In Port, with kids or without. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

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Lisbon Portugal – The Historic Center

Following our morning tour of The José Maria da Fonseca Winery, we were off to Lisbon. We crossed one of the bridges (Ponte 25 de Abril) into Lisbon. It was an instant reminder of San Francisco for all of us. As mentioned in a previous post, we didn’t have navigation or a map to help us find our way. Thank goodness for good old-fashioned street signs! Just off the bridge was signage for Belém Tower, one of our desired destinations.

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Halloween in Portugal

Kids off school = Road Trip!  
This time we opted for nearby Portugal.

November 1 is “All Saints Day” (Holiday) in Spain, so the kids were off school for 2 days.   We asked around our town and found out that not much happens for Halloween. There were just a couple of little cafes or bars planning to have a party. So the kids were okay with leaving town.

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