Medical Insurance Spain – For Resident Visa Application

This has been a hot topic for us lately and keeping our email inbox buzzing away.  Many North Americans (US Citizens or Canadians) who are thinking of applying for the Spanish non-lucrative visa, have been asking about the medical insurance Spain coverage requirements.

We’ve also received a few questions from expats actually living in Spain as well.  After responding to several of the emails, I thought it would just be easier to write up a quick post and let you know all that we know about Spanish Medical Insurance for an American  Citizen.  This may apply to other countries as well, but you will need to check.

Updated: As of June 2016  with our new Medical Insurance in Spain

Medical Insurance in Spain is one of our most popular posts!  We have updated information below.

Explaining Medical Insurance in Spain or Health Insurance options to meet the resident visa requirements? Read more about Private medical insurance Spain on

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