How Does A Traveling Family Spend Christmas in Vietnam?

I know, you are thinking it is January and why in the world is Heidi writing about Christmas.  It is over Heidi!  We have all moved on, made our resolutions and are looking forward to the next holiday.  Well, sorry everyone, but you are going to get a little more Christmas out of the Wagoner Family!   I think we have a special way of celebrating Christmas in Vietnam and I also feel the need to share it with you.

Christmas in Vietnam

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The famous Costa del Sol Spain!

Are you tired of the winter weather? Then some nice all-inclusive holidays to Spain could be just what you need. The famous Costa del Sol offers everything that you and your family need for the perfect vacation in the beautiful Spain. Are you ready to pack your bags and spend some time in one of the spectacular hotels of the Holiday Village Costa del Sol?

Estepona Spain - December 2013 Playa La Randa

Estepona Spain – December 2013 Playa La Randa

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New Holiday – Lars And I Created Sibling Day!

How did we come up with Sibling Day?

Lars and I were hanging out in his room and just chit-chatting over Christmas break.  We were thinking that there are special days for Parents and Grandparents, but we thought there should be a sibling day too.  So, we decided to make our own.  We thought we should each have our own day and they should be called Bro Day (Brother’s Day) and Sis Day (Sister’s Day). Continue reading

5 Days of Celebration In Almuñécar – Día de Andalucía and Carnaval 2014

Let me just start by saying “I love our Spanish town of Almuñécar”.  As with most places in Spain, there is always something to celebrate and this weekend was no exception.  The town is full of tourists and there is an energy we just love.  For the past 5 days, we have been partaking in parades, parties, friends and tourist sites.  I will just warn you, I am wiped out, so be prepared for me to just ramble on in this post.
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The Eve Of The New Year (2014)

We each have our 12 grapes ready to go and the fireworks have been booming here and there all night.
Happy New Year from Wagoners Abroad in SpainWe were going to go out tonight, but just decided to stay home. We have a spectacular view of the full town and sea right from our terrace.

So we should have a great view of the fireworks and festivities. Last year, we enjoyed everything at the town plaza. We will share photos, if we get some good ones. The kids are so excited.

Unique Gift Guide – 15 Gifts For Someone With Everything

As we are a traveling family living in Spain, space is of great importance to us.  We try very hard not to collect too many material “things” as we want to keep our belongings to a minimum.  We have decided to share a Unique Gift Guide.  These are great gift ideas for the person who has everything and we even provide you fun and creative ways to give a gift!

A unique Holiday Gift Guide. Great gift ideas for the person who has everything. Read more on

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Valentine’s Day: Flowers are walking the streets!

Valentines Day Spain

Just as any other holiday, I wondered if Valentine’s Day would be any different in Spain. Alan and I were in Old Town near the Municipal Market today running some errands.  I noticed so many men walking around with beautiful bouquets of flowers.  I also noticed several ladies with a single rose or flower in hand.   So it appears at first glance that it is a “Flowers” day, just as it is in the U.S.. Continue reading

Holiday Traditions, Even When You Travel – Paris!

Growing up in a family with 6 kids, I loved our Holiday Traditions.  It was time for the family to be together play games and eat good food.  We would set the table with the best dishes in the house and wait hours to have our holiday meal. Continue reading