Pass The Paper – The Odd Differences In Spanish Schools

Hey, its Lars today I will be writing about some, uh what’s the word, different things in school. First of all in Spain, the schools are not fancy; they are very basic and plain. About a month ago, my parents had completed some paperwork and enrolled me in a school. My parents were given a list of supplies: a “rubber” (eraser), 6 rolls of toilet paper, and some note books.

The second difference I noticed on the first day of school, the kids said “servicio” and they would walk out with the toilet paper in my classroom. At the time I was very scared and nervous, so that was probably last thing on my list of things to worry about.  The next day, I was more confident and thought ‘Hey, nobody has left this place alone without toilet paper!’ and then it clicked.  I had an epiphany!


“The Hall Pass is the Toilet Paper.  The Toilet Paper is the Hall Pass!”

We were, and still are, using the toilet paper as a hall pass. The only rule:

Take what you need.

If you are a boy, it can be pretty embarrassing if you take the whole roll, another thing to worry about is your Street Cred; the bullies don’t care if you are Chinese, Spanish or American, they will make fun of you. That is where you decide:

Do I want to risk bullies and have clean undies, or do I come home with skid marks and stay cool at school?

I’ll let you decide what I opt for.

10 thoughts on “Pass The Paper – The Odd Differences In Spanish Schools

  1. Lars, I am still laughing! You certainly have inherited your Dad’s sense of humor.
    Still wish someone would turn your family into a TV series. LOL

  2. of course you’d go for the clean (well maybe a little skid mark or two). lars, please keep posting….you are hysterical! i think you have even surpassed your dad for being clever!!!!

    by the way, dillion calls me Geema; so i think i’ll start using it. love you!

  3. That was hilarious Lars!
    I think I will not be showing this post to my kids who this Summer will be going to school in Spain….it will scare them off! Lol!

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