LEGOLAND Hotel and Resort Malaysia, Everything You Need To Know

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We had a great time visiting the LEGOLAND Hotel and Resort in Johor Bahru Malaysia.  We thought we would share some info with you to make your visit more enjoyable.

LEGOLAND Hotel and Resort Malaysia

LEGOLAND Hotel and Resort

This is the most fun Hotel Lobby I have ever seen!  Everywhere you turn there are Legos to play with.  You can even sit on a huge Lego for your couch, while the kids run around and climb the Lego Castles.  Every kid and adult will love this place.

Legoland Hotel and Resort Malaysia collage

LEGOLAND Themed Rooms and Suites

The staff was kind enough to take us on a tour of the rooms they offer at LEGOLAND Malaysia.  They have 3 themed floors available, Pirate, Adventure and a Castle theme.  These aren’t the official names, but that is what I call them.  Each room has a unique feel to it and we just loved that there were kid activities and bunk beds as well.  My favorite were the suites with the bath robes for adults and kids hanging.  How cute is that?

Legoland Hotel and Resort Malaysia themed rooms and suites



The theme park was so much fun.  At first we thought everything was for little kids, so of course our kids felt too old at 10 and 12.  Then after the first roller coaster ride, they were hooked.  We enjoyed a full day out and then another half-day, when we returned to the water park.  This is great fun, especially during the week when it felt like the park was all ours.  Read more about our LEGOLAND Theme Park experience.

Johor Bahru Legoland Malaysia


Star Wars Miniland

This was so amazing!  The time it must have taken to build each and every scene out of Legos!  If you are a Star Wars Fan, this is for you!  I know Alan is doing a bit of a funny in the photo below.  Can you guess what the problem is?  Read more about our Star Wars Miniland experience.


LEGOLAND Water Park  Splash!

We love water parks and this was no exception.  Throw a Wagoner in the water and we are happy campers.  Add a bit of splash and adrenaline and we are on Cloud 9.  Waterslides are our favorites and this theme park doesn’t disappoint.  They offer plenty of shaded area, if you don’t like to be out in the sun and there are also lockers to store your belongings.  Read more about our LEGOLAND Water Park experience.

Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Wave Pool and Slides

Getting There

Legoland is located in the southern most region of Malaysia in Johor Bahru.  If you are staying in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, not to worry as there is easy access to Legoland Malaysia from either location.  You can make it a day trip or stay for a while.  Read more detailed info on how to get to Legoland Malaysia.

Causeway Link Bus Legoland Malaysia

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4 thoughts on “LEGOLAND Hotel and Resort Malaysia, Everything You Need To Know

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Star Wars Miniland? Now THAT caught my attention LOL!! A nut here, too much of a nut, and even though we’ll be in and out of KL on Monday in too quick of a time I swear I want to squeeze a trip to Legoland in….;) Wonderful recount. The place looks like a freaking blast. Reminds me of the Lego Movie, one of my all time fave, feel good flicks.

    Fun read!


  2. OMG I want to take my little nieces and nephews here – they would lose their tiny little minds! I just love that pirate bedroom, I want the skull and cross bone sheets for myself LOL.

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