Unique Gift Guide – 15 Gifts For Someone With Everything

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As we are a traveling family living in Spain, space is of great importance to us.  We try very hard not to collect too many material “things” as we want to keep our belongings to a minimum.  We have decided to share a Unique Gift Guide.  These are great gift ideas for the person who has everything and we even provide you fun and creative ways to give a gift!

A unique Holiday Gift Guide. Great gift ideas for the person who has everything. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

 What do we mean by that?  Well, a gift that doesn’t really take up much or any physical space.  We know how difficult it is to travel during the holidays, whether by planes, trains or automobiles, and no matter what, space is of the utmost importance.  Especially if you are flying these days and are limited to carry on luggage, but you still want to bring your family and friends gifts.

Unique Gift Guide and Ideas – 15 Gifts with little to no footprint

Some of these ideas are focused on couples or parents with children.  That said they are appropriate for all ages if you tweak what we have below a bit.

  1. The gift of time! – Give the gift of time alone time, free time or time together.  I love being given a day without any household or family obligations, a day just for me!  Alan may take the kids out on a full day adventure and I am home to come and go as I please and not be asked to feed anyone.  I know that may sound silly to some of you, but it is a gift of luxury to me.  On the other hand, maybe you get that all of the time and would really like time together.  Spend a full day together with no distractions, no cell phones, just time together.
  2. Gift cards –  amazon gift cardsYou almost can’t go wrong with a gift card so someone can choose what is important to them.  It is great to give one from Amazon because there are so many things to choose from and they don’t need to go to a specific store to obtain their gift.  Many of the items below may be purchased on Amazon.
  3. eBooks – Whether you have a reader in the family or not, a book is great for everyone.  Find out their interest and pick a book for them or let them select their own.  For the reader in the family, this is perfect.  If you have a budding Cook in the family, send them our new eBook “Let the Kids Cook – Inspired by Kids for Kids”.Let the Kids Cook!
  4. Music – This no longer needs to be in the form of a CD or something physical.  It is best to purchase a gift card for iTunes or Amazon and let the recipient choose their music. There is no need to have the full album, but perhaps a collection of their favorite singles.  These can be presented in a fun and unique way as well.  We will be sharing those tips on Wagoners Abroad soon.
  5. Hotel stays or a weekend away – The gift that keeps on giving.  You present the gift, there is excitement upon receipt and then pure enjoyment when redeemed later.  All you need to do is make all of the plans in advance and present the gift in a unique way.  Remember to take those photos and this experience will keep on giving!Wagoners Abroad Ski Holiday
  6. Concert tickets – Give someone the gift of seeing their favorite artist in concert either with you or for the recipient and a friend.  This is another gift that keeps on giving.  You present the gift, there is excitement upon receipt and then pure enjoyment when redeemed later.  It is fun having something to look forward to.
  7. Movie tickets – Tickets to the cinema these days tend to be expensive.  What a great way to give a special treat.  Create a movie gift bag with popcorn, candy and 2 movie passes.
  8. Dinner out – This can be fun, if you are parents it may be a night out without the kids.  As part of the gift you have already picked a date, location and booked a babysitter.  The recipient just needs to “show up”.  Perhaps it is a date and you meet there?  Make it fun!
  9. Spa Gift - Holiday Gift GuideSpa –  This is great for men and women.  It can be a massage or other spa service to enjoy together or for some alone time.  The gift of experience is our all time favorite type of gift.  You not only enjoy receiving the gift and later enjoying the gift, but you now have a lasting memory.
  10. Massage night – Give the gift of giving a massage pass for “A Month of Monday’s” or something.  Where they pick the month and you will give them a 30 minute massage every Monday in that Month.
  11. Coupon book – This will take a little creativity on your part, but it is fun.  Make a book full of coupons.  Here are some examples:  good for one massage,  good for a week with no chores, breakfast in bed, you get full control of the TV remote for a week, or an extra hug for the day.  Be creative and have some fun!
  12. Give the gift of an Experience –  We really love to give gifts in this category and have done most of what is listed here.  It can be a professional sporting event, zip lining, sky diving, flight lesson, sail plane, bungee jump, hot air balloon, or river rafting, and the list goes on.  This can get a little expensive, but I tell you the memories last forever.Glider flight South Carolina
  13. Theme park –  Give the gift of a one time ticket or annual pass to your favorite theme park.  Who doesn’t love a day at a theme park?  Riding those roller coasters, seeing the shows and eating the food is a day packed full of fun.  If it is a summer gift, a water park pass is an ideal gift.  A bonus feature is you get loads of exercise too!Harry Potter Experience at Universal Orlando, Florida
  14. Memberships – We love to visit zoos and museums, but it is really great to have that annual membership pass.  Not only do you usually get unlimited visits, but you are invited to special events as well.  We loved when we received the gift of an annual membership to the Science Museum.  Everything was fun and interactive and they often changed the featured display, so every time we went there was something new.  Check out your local zoo or science museum.
  15. Give the gift of Adventure – Find that unique experience to get that heart racing and it will be something to remember for a lifetime.  Check out Anya’s experience Paragliding!
    Adventures with Anya - The best place to go Paragliding in Spain. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com or watch the video on YouTube
  16. Software – The list for this is endless, but it’s perfect if you have someone who loves photography, video, gaming or anything with technology.  It can be difficult to figure out exactly what someone needs, but I will tell you my secret.  I usually ask Alan to browse Amazon throughout the year and add his favorites to his Amazon wish list.  Ta da!  I now have a list of the exact version and everything, not to mention I can buy it on the spot.
  17. I know I said 15 gifts, but I just remembered another.  The gift of Video or Slide show. Just get on your computer and create a little video or slide show with your photos.  If you add a little music and some captions, you are set.  It is something people can keep forever and watch over and over again. If you don’t have the correct software, you can use animoto for free.

Organized Tours a great way to give the gift of an experience!

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour. There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.

Caribbean on Sale

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Creative Holiday Gift Guide. 15 Gifts for someone who has everything. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

We hope you have enjoyed this gift guide, but now it is time to figure out Creative Ways to Give A Gift.  We offer many ways to give your unusual gifts, just click on the image below.  These ideas are perfect for the “little to no footprint” gifts.  We know it may seem a little anticlimactic to hand someone an envelope with a gift card inside.  Not quite an elaborate presentation to build up excitement, but we will share some fun ways to present that gift.
Creative and Unique ways to give a gift. You can make it fun to give money or a gift card, even golf clubs or an ebook. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com


Disclaimer: some of the links within this post are affiliate links.  This means we have partnered with that company and only recommend items that we would use or believe in.  In exchange we may receive a very small commission for sending a customer their way.

8 thoughts on “Unique Gift Guide – 15 Gifts For Someone With Everything

  1. Hello,

    I love these ideas. I am passionate about giving experiences which is why we travel so much. I also am a big consumer of ebooks to read on my kindle, or iPad. The boys are able to read ebooks on their phones which is way to difficult for my old eyes.

    One more idea I could suggest is the joy of giving. We have decided to take a few of our gift cards from Christmas and use them to gifts for homeless children. We definitely don’t need more ‘stuff’ and this is a wonderful lesson for the boys.
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  2. I Love this list. Wonderful ideas that you can share with Anyone! I had some folks I wasn’t sure what to do for this year and now I have some great ideas. Thanks

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