From A Career Break To A Travel Lifestyle – How Do We Keep It Going?

As you know, our move to Spain started with a career break, taking a sabbatical, planning a family gap year, or whatever you want to call it.  After 3 years of travel, it has now officially turned into a travel lifestyle.  Yes, we now have the lifestyle of the open-ended traveler with a home base in Spain.

  • How did you go from Career Break to Lifestyle?
  • How do you keep it going?  (C’mon what is the real question here?)
  • When are you returning to the USA?

From A Career Break To A Travel Lifestyle - after 3+ years of travel, how Do We Keep It Going? Read more on

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9 Useful Tips For Renting A Car In Spain

I don’t know why, but it seems for the past few weeks many of you want to know more about renting a car in Spain.  I find it odd, as the high tourist season is over, but we are happy to respond and do our best to answer your questions.  Of course each person asks a slightly different question, but all relating to a rental car in Spain.  Of course when things like this happen, what do we do?  We compile all of our info into a post and share it on the blog, this way we have an easy link to point people to in the future.

Car Hire in Spain - Tips and Tricks for your rental car. Read more on

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Next Up For Wagoners Abroad – Decision Made!

Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia

Having fun in Southeast Asia! The Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia

As we mentioned previously, we have been trying to figure out what to do next.  You can read all about it in our recent post.  Decisions, Decisions – What’s Next For Wagoners Abroad?  So now it is time to let you in on the plan, but first let me tell you how we got there. Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions – What’s Next For Wagoners Abroad?

As I sit here writing in Cambodia, a million thoughts are swirling through my mind.  Notice I didn’t say “flowing”.  Nope they aren’t even running through my head.  They are actually swishing back and forth, churning and swirling around like a washing machine.  Of course it isn’t just with me, it’s the same for Alan as well.  So what is going on in our minds? We are trying to figure out what is next for Wagoners Abroad?

What's next for Wagoners Abroad?  Good Question.

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Time For The Orthodontist In Chiang Mai Thailand

When we set out on our 1-2 year adventure to Spain, we had no idea we would keep on going.  Nor did we ever imagine we would be living in Southeast Asia with budding tweens.  And with that comes changing bodies and teeth!  About 6 months ago, we decided to go ahead and begin orthodontic treatment in Spain for Lars. Continue reading

Comparison of USA and Spain Cost Of Living (Show me the money $)

We are often asked about how much everyday things cost in Spain and how does that compare with the USA.  You know, the cost of daily life to just live and do what you want to do.  This was a question that came to us in our post – What Do You Want To Know or Have Us Show?

We have been asked, “How can you possibly live in Europe for less than the USA?”, as Western Europe has the reputation of “being expensive”.  Do you think you could live off of less and save money if you tried?  Do you think it is just too difficult or just not possible?  Anything is possible if you simplify your life!

USA and Spain Comparison

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Wagoners Abroad Nominated for the Liebster Award

When I heard Wagoners Abroad was being nominated for a Liebster Award, I was instantly thinking of all the shellfish I was going to be eating.  That’s when Paula at Contented Traveller, explained to me, “No Alan.  It’s Liebster.  LEEB-ster, not lobster.”  While it wasn’t the award the I initially thought it was, it’s still cool to be nominated by our peer travel bloggers out there for such an award.

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Watch A 2nd Grade Class Interview Lars & Anya

Lars_&_Anya_Interview_about_life_in_Spain  -   Wagoners Abroad - An American family travel blog, sharing our experiences living in Spain for 19 months.

Wagoners Abroad – An American family travel blog, sharing our experiences living in Spain for 19 months.

Just about every day we are contacted by someone who reads our blog or happened to just discover us.  Many times it is someone with some questions about moving to Spain, taking a sabbatical, a vacation or requesting an interview.  We are tapped into for all types of pointers and advice and we love it.  A couple of weeks ago we received a very special kind of contact and it was someone who found us via our YouTube Channel.  She happened upon Wagoners Abroad and our Lars and Anya Interviews.  Here is what she said: Continue reading