Family Travel – Living Your Expat Dream

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Curious about expat living?  Are you new to Wagoners Abroad? Are you a family looking to travel and want tips?   Well, this is the right place to Get Started with us.

How did we become expats, living in Spain for nearly 2 years,
and now a nomadic life of a family travel?

Travel Tips and Tricks

Visa-eBook--cover-Live in Spain

We do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for expat living.  Here you will find some info regarding how to save money for your dream.  In addition, we have many tips regarding the process to obtain a Non Lucrative Spanish Resident Visa (aka retirement or “no work” visa for US Citizens or Canadian Citizens).  We also have loads of information on preparing for expat living.  You may also purchase our eBook Live in Spain. With very detailed information on the application process, as well as tips, tricks and charts to help keep you organized.


Our Budget for Expat Living

Do you want to know how much money we are spending or planned to spend?  We share our budget details with you and will publish a quarterly update with actual vs planned as well.  Check out our first 4 months living in Spain as well as months 5-7.  We will be posting our actual spend each quarter.

Moving Abroad? How To Select The Country, Town & Make The Move

No matter if you are moving abroad long-term, short-term or perhaps you are just going on vacation/holiday,  these tips will apply to all.   Check it out!  Do you want to know what our first 500 days of living abroad was like?   Are you curious about all of our family travel and exploration in Spain and many other countries?

Family Travel – Where have we been?

Collectively we traveled to 35+ countries in the past 20+ years.  Since August of 2012 we have been expats living in Spain and visited PortugalFrance and Gibraltar.  We had a blast on our 6 week European Road Trip - Summer 2013 and even provide you with the cost break downWe experienced our first house sit experience in London and did some cooking in Morocco.  Here is a rundown of where we went in 2013 and didn’t need to worry about that Schengen Visa!  If you know of a place we should visit, just let us know.

The Kids adjusting to Expat Living

Let the Kids Cook - A Kids Cookbook Inspired by Kids for Kids

Yep, we have two creative kids with minds of their own.  This is where you can see just what they think about all of this as well of some of their posts.  Want to know more about their education and comparison of US to our Spanish school?  Are you curious about their report cards, we tell it all.  Their creativity has really blossomed and they helped write and inspire the Wagoners Abroad cookbook “Let the Kids Cook – Inspired by Kids for Kids”.  We have a video interview series on YouTube as well.


About Us

Well if you are curious about who we are and a little background, this is the place to go.   We are a family that loves to travel and hopes to inspire. We share are experience, thoughts and bloopers with you.  We also function multipurpose  items and at times double, even triple as everyday household items.


Wagoners Abroad Venice Italy - love expat living and family travel

We are jumping for joy that you decided to check us out and travel along with Wagoners Abroad! The site contains oodles of info about family travel and living abroad.  We know it can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve provided a little help for you here.  We hope you find everything you are looking for. If not, just contact us and we will see if we can provide you the information.  If you want, you can click on the blue/red links and they will take you directly to the detailed information we have shared on that topic.

Our Plan

Check out our grand master plan to be an Expat Living in Spain.  You will also soon find that every plan changes and evolves, so look for updates in this area as we “change our minds”.  After 6 months of living in Spain, what were we thinking?  Are there good reasons to take a sabbatical?  After 18 months, our plan is now morphing into more open ended family travel and we are heading to Southeast Asia Summer 2014.

Where we have been Featured

We have contributed information on other blogs and sites, written guest posts, been interviewed, featured and won awards!  We do our best to be sure that you are in the know with what we are doing.  Don’t forget to check out our family travel YouTube Channel.

Learning Spanish – The Tools We Use

How can you possibly learn Spanish?  It all depends on you and your drive to make it happen.  We have shared with you some of the tools we have used and recommend.

Blog post series

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! Any questions, thoughts, comments?  How about partnering or sponsoring us?  We are open to many things.

Tell everyone about us

Please help us grow and spread the word.  Have your friends and family check us out too.  We would love a big following and please do comment and ask us questions. We LOVE hearing from YOU!

Just look for Wagoners Abroad.

42 thoughts on “Family Travel – Living Your Expat Dream

  1. Can you recommend web sites to search for rentals? I’m trying to determine if I can afford to move by myself and survive on a $1200/month pension there.
    Thank you!

  2. Real nice info ! I would love to live in Spain someday.. Expat living is an adventure and a extremely fulfilling experience. I am Australian currently living in India with family…check my Blog..
    Amelia recently posted…Tulsi tea for sore throatMy Profile

    • Hi Amelia, glad you found us and thanks for commenting. We love to meet new people. Wow, living in India sound interesting. You blog looks full of good healthful info, I will check out more for sure. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger.

  3. Great blog! We are a family of four (kids seven and nine) leaving Thursday for a year in Scotland. It’s great to read about others’ experience. Our kids will be in public school as well. Thanks for all the great info!

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks so much. Glad you found us. Scotland sounds wonderful, but cold! :-) We hope to get up there this fall for a long weekend, providing we find air deals. What part of Scotland are you calling “home”?

  4. What an awesome and memorable trip for your family. i can’t even begin to imagine the logistics involved in planning a trip this long. I’m so happy you accomplished this feat though. Looking forward to reading your posts.

    • Thanks Mary! The planning is the fun part too. Getting to dream up where you want to go…. Ah! Thanks for the comment and we look forward to sharing more and hearing back from you.

  5. Hello Heidi,
    I really enjoyed reading your blogs. My husband and I are very much interested in living abroad, he is retired and I have less than 5 year to work. One of my dreams on my bucket list is to live abroad for a year! We now travel to Europe twice a year, just to mention a few places we’ve been, Vienna, Spain, Germany (Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt), Amsterdam, Prague, Poland, Italy and many more.
    Any suggestions you have for us would be helpful.

    • Hi Lyque. We do love Southern Spain, so if you are looking for a place to live in Europe that is somewhat affordable, this may be a good option. We have met a few other retirees here and are thinking of interviewing them on their budget and life. Since we have kids with us, it is a bit of a different story. I love all of the places you have been and have a few on my to do list! We found Italy to be about 20% more expensive than where we are in Spain, but that of course was only looking at fuel for the car and our bellies. Not sure about housing and utilities etc. Let us know if you need any help from us.

  6. Hi Heidi, ever since we thought about moving to Spain my husband has followed your blogs. We are going to try and go on a retirement visa. We are trying to wait because the anticipation is very high. We are in the process of selling everything now. I getting our passports. We even thought about just going over on our passports and worry about our visa later but we really want to go through the whole process. Thanks for listening!!!

    • Hey Tammy, good for you. So glad you found us! We were in the same boat. It seems to take forever, once you make the decision to go. Believe me applying for the visa is a “process” and it much easier going through in the USA. You have to apply “in person” in the US and then you have to pick up “in person” in the US, so if you were in Spain you would need to return a couple of times. Let us know where you are in the visa process. Alan is about 95% done with an ebook on the subject. Perhaps we can run it past you?

      What part of Spain are you looking at and when do you plan to arrive?

  7. That sounds great. We are getting our passports now and as soon as we get them back we are going to start the visa process. We want to have everything done so we can leave about January or February 2015. We were thinking about staying out of the big cities and moving into the villages by costa Mijas or somewhere like that. We want to get emerssed in with the people. It will just be the two of us and want to travel and see everything!!!! We are really getting excited. I want to be close to the beach and the markets. Do guys eat a lot of the tapas and do you have a favorite?

    • Good for you! I know when we received our approval, we only had 90 days to enter Spain. So you may want to check out your timing, if you are still more than a year away from coming over. How exciting. Let us know if there is anything you need from us. Mijas Costa is lovely and lively. It wasn’t a fit for us to live, but we do love to go visit. We do enjoy tapas and in the Granada region they are required to serve you food when you order a drink. So, often tapas are free, but you never know what you are going to get. It is kind of fun to try new things.

  8. Hello it was so good to find this blog so full of details. I am a single mom, although I do have a fiancé, of 2 with my third on the way. We have been an expat family for some years now living in Kuwait, Honduras, Germany, and the Bahamas. We are looking at moving to Spain next but I want to ensure that we can afford it. I absolutely love Spain and we visit almost every year. I am medically retired from the military, after being hurt on deployment, so I have an income of 3,000 USD a month and this has done just fine in all the other locations. Any advice of if this will do and the area we should look at? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Simon. So glad you found us. Yes that is the plan. Not sure when, as we will likely fly from Europe to BKK. We will be in Malaysia at some point and likely Penang for a few months. At least that is the plan. So tell us more about you and How did you find us?

  9. Wow, I’m so happy I found your blog! I have a question: I have US and Swiss citizenship, so I don’t need a Visa to live in Spain. But, from my Internet information, I understand one must bring proof of income for permanent residence. I will live off of my savings until I receive my pension in 5 years. I want to move to Spain this year. How are you doing that?

    • Great question Katya and we are happy you found us too! We showed proof of our 401k and investments, savings etc… If you can show that you have money coming in each month from somewhere, that will work as well. We just did a print screen of our banking info and attached a translated version as well.

    • Well, thank you! So glad to see you here. Just let us know if you have any questions. It can be done Travel Sisters, so just set your mind to it and work towards that goal.

  10. Hey guys! We’re still trying to get it together. House is going on the market in the next month or so planning on moving somewhere (even if its the US) but still looking at Australia. Unfortunately it’s not getting any easier to get there. Opened the search to other countries recently but it’s harder to convince Sheila about that (unless it’s Ireland).

    Keep up the fun and excitement!

    • Hi Jay. Wow, you are making a move! Congrats to you. There are so many great places to live or travel. Many people are on the go too. The options are endless, once you go with the flow. We wish you guys well and maybe you would like Spain? :-) We are heading to Southeast Asia in July, so let us know if you go that way. Keep us posted.

    • Come on over Nikki. Spain in magical and “real”. I love how it is so traditional, yet modern as well. Thanks for thinking we are brave, but really it is determination that drives us. We are determined to raise our kids a global mindset. We appreciate your comments.

    • Hey thanks so much for stopping by Samuel! We are having a blast and can’t wait to go explore Southeast Asia next. Yes, many people contact us and say how they wish they could do it too. They can! It just needs to be a priority and it can happen.

  11. Omg! I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog! My husband and I have talked extensively about living abroad (specifically Spain) with our two children when they get to a bit older (they are 2 & 4 now). Looking forward to digging into all your great info!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hey Laura! So glad you found us and can’t wait for you to dig into all of the info too. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help or any specific questions we can answer. We have loads of info on the blog, but not always easy to find so if you need navigational help just ask. Thanks for finding us and we are excited to get to know you. Where are you from?

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